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COVID-19: Park Updates

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In 2020, amidst the pandemic and changing local health orders, we had steadfastly kept most of the Regional Parks and trails open.  The pandemic has shown us very clearly that we all need parks – now, more than ever. Parks and open space are essential for our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

County health officers have affirmed that spending time in parks is beneficial for health, disease prevention, and mental stress relief. (see video in this section and below).

Current state and local health orders allow for “outdoor recreation activities” as an “essential activity” as long as park visitors wear face masks and keep the 6-foot social distance.

To keep parks safe for everyone, including park employees, we have been advising visitors to wear face masks, keep 6 feet apart, and bring trash home. Do not leave trash or dog waste bags on trails. We need YOUR help! Please follow all COVID-19 safety requirements and park regulations. Thank you!

How EBRPD is keeping parks open and safe during pandemic, Aug. 11, 2020, 23m:00s

Campingswimming, and selected programs are OPEN at parks. Visit Register and Reserve for more information.

Help us keep the Regional Parks safe by cooperating with the statewide health orders and park rules.


  • Visit the following websites for latest state and county guidelines on outdoor gatherings and activities:
    CA Department  of Public HealthCounty Tier Level |Blueprint for a Safer Economy 
    COVID-19 County UpdatesAlameda County | Contra Costa County
  • Download a Park Map at home. Or, at the park, take a photo of the map posted on the Information Board before you begin your hike.
  • Bring water and hand sanitizer.
  • Bring cloth face covering / mask as recommended by the CDC.
  • Bring dog leash (6-foot max.) and dog waste bags.
  • Swimming may not be available at certain facilities due to blue green algae or seasonal closures.



  • Park safely and correctly. Respect park neighbors and park staff. Do not block driveway, roadway, emergency exit, or service access road. Parking rules/restrictions will be enforced.
  • Upon arrival by foot, bike, or car, and you observe that a parking lot is full, or a trail is crowded, please come back at another time when the park or trail is less crowded.
  • Keep a 6-foot distance from other park users
  • Wear cloth face covering / mask when within 6 feet of other park users.
  • Fish only from shore and piers. Keep 6-foot distance from other anglers.
  • Be aware of high-touch points such as trail access gates, benches, bathrooms, etc. Use hand sanitizer.
  • THANK YOU for DOING YOUR PART to keep parks SAFE AND CLEAN for park visitors, park employees, and wildlife.


Q1: How can the public help keep parks open and safe?

A: The Regional Parks have been very busy during the COVID-19 pandemic and Shelter-In-Place order as people are looking to get outdoors for exercise and stress relief. We are proud that the Regional Parks are well-loved and seen as essential to health and wellness. However, we need YOUR HELP to keep parks open, safe, and clean!!


  • Wear cloth face coverings/masks as recommended by the CDC.
  • Maintain 6 feet social distance from other park users.
  • PACK OUT YOUR TRASH. Do not leave trash and dog waste bags on trails.
  • Bring water and hand sanitizer. Many water fountains, except bottle fillers, are temporarily closed to stem the spread of virus.
  • Park vehicles properly, safely, and respect park neighbors and park staff. Do not block driveway, roadway, emergency exit, or service access road. Parking rules/restrictions will be enforced.

Q2. Why do I need to wear a face mask in parks and on trails?

A: The CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings /masks in public settings where social distancing of 6 feet is difficult to maintain. The face mask can protect the wearer from becoming infected. It can also prevent transmission by the wearer who may have the virus but don’t know they have it.

The face masks don’t need to be medical grade. According to the CDC, cloth face coverings will work. They should cover your nose and mouth; fit snugly but comfortably; be secured with ties or ear loops. They should include multiple layers of fabric, allow for breathing, and can be laundered, and machine dried without damage or shrinkage. A bandanna folded into several layers is adequate.

Wearing a face mask does not replace social-distancing measures. Keep a distance of six feet from other park users.

Q3: How do I maintain social distance on narrow trails?

A: All trail users, please cooperate by stepping aside, with 6 feet of space, to let each other pass.

Wear a face mask on trails to protect yourself and others from the virus. See Q2.

On narrow or crowded trails, walk single file and consider backtracking to a wider area to allow other trail users to pass safely. Runners and cyclists who "more forcefully expel airborne particles" please take extra steps to avoid exposing others. Wear a face mask and slow down to maintain 6-foot social distancing. 

Q4: How do I maintain social distance at staging areas and parking lots?

A: At busy parking lots and staging areas, visitors may need to take turns getting out of cars to maintain the 6-foot distance. This includes waiting and stepping aside when entering trails and parkland areas at busy or crowded entry points.  Wear face masks to protect yourselves and others. 


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