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CalPERS Dependent Cancellation Notifications

Greetings Retiree,

CalPERS has notified the Park District that due to a system failure, approximately 7,000 active members and 40 retired members were notified via mail or email, that their dependent's coverage was cancelled. More specifically, on May 16, 2024, health enrollment notifications were erroneously sent to members for old transactions that were already processed and approved. As a result, some members have received text messages and emails informing them of a health enrollment change that was made and instructs them to login to their myCalPERS account. 

CalPERS has not notified the Park District as to who was affected by this technical error, but CalPERS is working on a resolution to ensure this does not occur again. You are encouraged to review our individual myCalPERS accounts to ensure the health enrollments of your dependents have not been affected. If you have any questions, please contact CalPERS directly at (888) 225-7377. 

Please know the Park District Human Resources Benefits Team is always available to provide support or answer any questions. 

Warm Regards, 

Monica Alvarez-Selles, Benefits Manager 


Information about Empower- Deferred Compensation Plan Provider

Copies of the presentation shared on March 27, 2024 and FAQs are listed below. 

Want to make an appointment with a Retirement Plan Advisor at Empower? Use link below to schedule your personal session. 


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The East Bay Regional Park District provides post-retirement benefits to former employees who have retired from the Park District. In addition to a generous Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) for costs associated with medical insurance premiums, benefits such as retiree life and retiree dental have been made available to retirees since the early 2000s. To continue providing customer service support to our ever-growing retiree population and ensure reimbursements promised upon retirement are processed timely and accurately, the Park District has partnered with the P&A Group to administer all retiree benefits effective January 1, 2023. The P&A Group has extensive experience working with public agencies across Alameda and Contra Costa Counties and is committed to providing excellent customer support through an advanced technological platform in addition to knowledgeable staff available through email and telephone. As noted, this is a partnership between the Park District and P&A Group, and both are available to support all retirees as they enjoy the benefits they have worked long and hard for.

General FAQs

Retiree Reimbursement FAQs

Retirement Billing FAQs

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For retiree benefits billing and reimbursement questions, please contact P&A via telephone at (716) 852-2611, or through their portal at

For other questions, call the Human Resources Department at (510) 544-2154 or send an email to

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