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The East Bay Regional Park District provides post-retirement benefits to former employees who have retired from the Park District. In addition to a generous Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) for costs associated with medical insurance premiums, benefits such as retiree life and retiree dental have been made available to retirees since the early 2000s. To continue providing customer service support to our ever-growing retiree population and ensure reimbursements promised upon retirement are processed timely and accurately, the Park District has partnered with the P&A Group to administer all retiree benefits effective January 1, 2023. The P&A Group has extensive experience working with public agencies across Alameda and Contra Costa Counties and is committed to providing excellent customer support through an advanced technological platform in addition to knowledgeable staff available through email and telephone. As noted, this is a partnership between the Park District and P&A Group, and both are available to support all retirees as they enjoy the benefits they have worked long and hard for.

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Retiree Reimbursement FAQs

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For retiree benefits billing and reimbursement questions, please contact P&A via telephone at (716) 852-2611, or through their portal at

For other questions, call the Human Resources Department at (510) 544-2154 or send an email to


AFSCME Retirees means former employees represented by Local 2428, American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFL-CIO)

CalPERS means California Public Employee’s Retirement System in which the Park District is a participating agency.

CalPERS Health means the health care program made available by the Employer to Eligible Retirees under the Public Employees’ Medical and Hospital Care Act (PEMHCA), which provides health insurance under various coverage options from which eligible individuals may select.

EBRPD Retirement Plan means the East Bay Regional Park District Employee’s Retirement Plan established prior to switching to CalPERS

Eligible Retiree means an Employee who has met the eligibility requirements to qualify for a retirement pension benefit under either CalPERS or EBRPD Retirement Plan.

Employee means a person who is on the Employer’s W-2 payroll but does not include the following: any leased employee (as defined in Code Section 414(n)) or contract worker, independent contractor, temporary employee, or seasonal employee.

Employer means the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD)

Management & Confidential (M/C) Retirees means former unrepresented employees

MEC means the minimum employer contribution required to be made by the Employer directly to CalPERS for an Eligible Retiree’s coverage under CalPERS Health.

PA Retirees means former employees represented by the Police Association

P&A Group means the 3rd party vendor responsible for issuing all reimbursement payments and collecting all payments for retiree dental and retiree life benefits.

Plan Administrator means the Employer unless the Employer designates another person or organization to hold the position of Plan Administrator.

Plan Year means the calendar year (i.e., the 12-month period commencing January 1 and ending December 31).

Registered Domestic Partner means a person who has entered a registered domestic partnership with an Eligible Retiree in accordance with section 297 of the California Family Code.

Retiree means an individual meets all the following requirements: satisfied any applicable minimum age and service requirements set out under CalPERS or EBRPD Retirement Plan; retired under CalPERS or EBRPD Retirement Plan directly from EBRPD within 120days after separation; upon retiring must be eligible for coverage under CalPERS Health as a retiree and must be entitled to the MEC

Retiree Dental means a dental benefit administered by the dental providers to all active EBRPD employees

Retiree Life means a life insurance benefit made available to all former qualified Employees EBRPD, classified as Retiree, who regularly worked a minimum of 975 hours per year.

Standard Medicare Part B Premium means the monthly standard premium amount for coverage under Medicare Part B as established by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service. Does not include penalties or increased costs due to the individual’s failure to enroll timely in Medicare.

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