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Ecosystem Stewardship

Key Advocacy Goal

To ensure ecosystem health through restoration, acquisition and habitat enhancement and improved efficiencies in regulatory approvals.

  • Provide a diversified system of regional parklands, trails and related services that will offer outstanding opportunities for creative use of outdoor time.
  • Acquire and preserve significant biologic, geologic, scenic and historic resources within Alameda and Contra Costa counties.
  • Manage, maintain and restore the parklands so that they retain their important scenic, natural and cultural values.

Survey Identified Voter/Community Support

  • In a November 2021 survey, 98% of respondents identified protection of natural habitat for wildlife and resiliency to be extremely/very/somewhat important.
  • In this same survey, improving water quality of urban creeks via trail maintenance and erosion management was identified as extremely/very/somewhat important to 98% of respondents.
  • 98% of respondents also believe investments in improving the health of lakes in District parks to be extremely/very/somewhat important.
  • Within this same survey, 70% of respondents confirmed increased wildlife conservation and natural habitat protection to be extremely / very important.

2021-2022 Board Supported Legislation

The following legislative initiatives are supported by the East Bay Regional Park District Board of Directors and Legislative Committee:


  • AB 564 (Gonzalez D-San Diego) Biodiversity Protection and Restoration Act
  • AB 614 (Aguilar-Curry D-Winters) Nesting Bird Habitat Incentive Program (Chaptered)


  • H.R. 803 (DeGette D-CO) Protecting America’s Wilderness and Public Lands Act
  • S. 557 (Collins R-ME) and HR 1548 (Cartwright D-PA) Native Plant Species Pilot Program
  • S. 809 (Merkley D-OR) and HR 1983 (Panetta D-CA) Monarch, Action, Recovery and Conservation Habitat (MONARCH) Act

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