Archery Classes

Redwood Bowmen Archery Club instructors provide introductory archery classes at the archery range in Roberts Regional Recreation Area, high in the Oakland Hills. Certified and experienced club members teach safety, proper gear care, aiming, and shooting technique. The club provides bows, arrows, and gear, and students practice shooting under the careful coaching of the instructors. More information register for classes.

Archery Range

Marksmanship Range

Chabot Gun Club CLOSED: September 5, 2016

On September 5, 2016, the Chabot Gun Club closed after more than 50 years of operations at Anthony Chabot Regional Park in Oakland. The Club’s lease extended until March 2017 but the Club’s managers opted to close early.

The East Bay Regional Park District’s Board of Directors voted unanimously in March 2016 not to renew the Club’s long-term lease, based on environmental damage and inability of the Gun Club to pay the high cost of meeting stricter state environmental standards. Due to the popularity of the Gun Club, the Park District Board granted the Club a full year to wind down operations.

Other outdoor gun ranges in the area include:

  • Richmond Rod & Gun Club, Richmond
    25 yd., 50 yd., 100 yd. outdoor ranges, trap & skeet, muzzle loading
  • United Sportsmen, Inc., Concord
    50 yd., 200 yd. outdoor ranges, trap & skeet, muzzle loading, silhouette, archery
  • Livermore/Pleasanton Gun Club, Livermore
    10 yd., 25 yd., 200 yd. outdoor ranges, trap & skeet
  • Los Altos Rod and Gun Club, Los Gatos
    7 yd., 15 yd., 25 yd., 50 yd., 100 yd. outdoor ranges, trap, muzzle loading

NEWS: Park District Board Votes to Close Chabot Gun Club (March 2, 2016)