Patterson House at Ardenwood

Hideo’s Lasting Connections to the Patterson Family

Along with farm labor, Asian immigrants filled many roles around the farm and home at Patterson Ranch. The cook position was held by Ah Sin, a 19-year-old from China, and George Ishi, a 22-year-old from Japan.

Hideo Nakagaki, seen in the top photo sitting on the back steps of the old Patterson House kitchen, was listed as a cook in some records and may have had that job for a time. It is believed that perhaps he was more involved with the ranch than previously recorded. Hideo came to California from Japan to study viticulture before returning to his home country to grow grapes and open a winery based on skills he learned in the Bay Area. 

Hideo was more than an employee to the Patterson family. Clara Patterson Layson had an affinity for Japanese culture and had befriended Hideo Nakagaki. Hideo had a studio photo taken of his family when he returned to Japan (middle photo) and sent Clara a copy with this note written on the back: To Mrs. C. Layson, Wish you to remember us.  Hideo Nakagaki, 1072 Nishitobe Machi, Yokohama.

Clara traveled extensively, and on what was thought to be her second trip to Japan in 1908, she visited Hideo and his family, arriving by rickshaw (bottom photo: Hideo on the far left, Clara on the far right). By that time, Hideo was either developing a winery or had opened one in Yokohama.   

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Hideo Nakagaki on the steps outside the Patterson House kitchen
Hideo Nakagaki, Cook for the Patterson Family
Clara Patterson Visits Japan in 1908