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Trails Challenge

New to the Regional Parks? The free Trails Challenge is great way to get to know your Regional Parks.

Short-Loop Trails

Short-loop trail walks provide opportunities to enjoy the beauty of nature on a relatively non-strenuous walk on trails and pathways in the Regional Parks. These walks are suitable for senior citizens, persons in wheelchairs, parents with small children or with children in strollers, or for anyone not ready for the more demanding trails of wilderness parklands. Please read the full description of each hike before you plan your walk–while most are gentle, some trails may have rough or narrow sections or steeper climbs, and there are bicycle and dog restrictions in some of the parklands.

Challenge Hikes

Challenging trails are those that have significant elevation gain (1,000 feet or more), are 6 – 20 miles or more in length, trail conditions vary from good to rugged, and they generally take 4 – 8 hours to complete.  These hikes are not for the faint-hearted! See our listing of Challenge Hikes.

Wednesday Walks

Explore some of the unique habitats of the East Bay with our friendly walking group. Discover the natural and human history of our beautiful parklands and improve your health on a fast-paced, morning hike.

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Hiking 101 Programs

Do you want to start a healthy hiking habit, but don't know where to start? Join engaging and experienced Outdoor Recreation staff for our free introductory hiking classes. Our enthusiastic guides will teach basic map-reading and navigation skills, provide safety tips, lead helpful stretches, show the group a range of useful hiking apps for smartphones, teach you what to wear and pack for a hike, and lead the group on a moderately challenging but richly rewarding hike in your Regional Parks. More information register for a classes. (This program will begin in late 2017)  

Hiking with Poles Programs

Learn how to use your upper body strength to help preserve your joints, improve your balance, improve your endurance and flexibility, and your overall mobility on the trails while enjoying the beauty of the parks with like minded individuals and professional guidance.  Classes vary in focus from endurance, technique, and mobility. More information and register for a classes.

Tuesday Twilights

Enjoy sunset in an East Bay Regional Park, Tuesday evenings throughout the summer. Walks vary in terrain and difficulty. These are family hikes, not always suitable for organized groups. Bring water, snacks, and flashlight. Wear good hiking shoes and layered clothing. Call the hike naturalist for more information. Parking fees may apply. 

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Wildlife Encounters

The East Bay Regional Parks are home to many plants and animals.

Can you tell a gopher snake from a rattlesnake?
Do you know how to avoid ticks - and poison oak?
How should you behave around animals in the parks?

Prepare for your outdoor adventure.

Trail Safety and Etiquette

Regional Trails Mileage Guides

Trails Mileage Summary Report Garin to Chabot
Alameda Creek Trail - Paved Green Valley
Alameda Creek Trail - Unpaved Iron Horse Regional Trail
Bay Area Ridge Trail Lafayette / Moraga
Big Break Regional Trail Las Trampas to Mt. Diablo
Black Diamond to Mt. Diablo Marsh Creek Trail
Briones to Mt. Diablo Ohlone Wilderness
Calaveras Ridge Trail Old Moraga Ranch
California Riding and Hiking Trail San Francisco Bay Trail
Contra Costa Canal Trail Tassajara Creek
Delta De Anza Trail Wildcat Creek
East Bay Skyline National Trail -