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East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) is a system of beautiful public parks and trails in Alameda and Contra Costa counties on the eastern side of San Francisco Bay. 


East Bay Regional Park District manages:

Our Values: How We Work

  • Respect: We honor the land we steward, each other, and the park users we serve.
  • Resilience: We creatively adapt to change. We address challenges with empathy, perspective, and determination.
  • Relationships: Our greatest strength lies in the trust, accountability and teamwork we cultivate with our colleagues, partners, and the public we serve.
  • Responsiveness: We communicate openly, honestly, and reliably.
  • Transparency: We hold the public’s trust through meaningful stakeholder engagement and unfettered access to timely and reliable information on decisions and performance.


The East Bay Regional Park District will preserve a priceless heritage of natural and cultural resources open space, parks and trails for the future and will set aside park areas for enjoyment and healthful recreation for generations to come. An environmental ethic guides us in all that we do. Video: Inspiration and Promise

Core Mission

We will acquire, develop, manage, and maintain a high quality, diverse system of interconnected parklands which balances public usage and education programs with protection and preservation of our natural and cultural resources. The District's mission statements and vision for the future.

Park District Policies

Public Records Information 

California Law Governing the District

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East Bay Regional Park District sells a number of products with unique park related graphics on them. Please feel free to browse the store and find lots of things you will like! You will be glad to know that 20% of the proceeds will be donated back to the East Bay Regional Park District through the Regional Parks Foundation. 
All of the net proceeds will benefit low-income kids going to camp. > http://www.CafePress.com/ebrpd

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