Wildcat Canyon Regional Park

Interpark Regional Trails

In the mid-1970s, the Park District pioneered the development of an integrated network of paved and unpaved hiking and riding trails linking the regional parks to the 33 communities throughout the East Bay. This Interpark Regional Trail network has grown to more than 200 miles of trails, in addition to the trails inside the parks.

Working closely with local and regional transportation planners and transit agencies, such as the Alameda County Transportation Commission and the Contra Costa Transportation Authority, the Park District has developed over 120 miles of these trails into a network of paved trails used as a mode of transportation as well as recreation. These “Green Transportation” corridors provide “last mile” connections to transit, giving users access to schools, employment centers, and businesses. The trail network reduces highway congestion and greenhouse gases, creates livable communities with activities for a healthy lifestyle.

Tassajara Ridge Trail Closure
Approximately 2/3 miles of trail between Charbray Street and the Tassajara Ridge has been closed to protect natural resources. This section will likely re-open in Fall 2023.


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