6. Crab Cove - Present Day

To complete the walk, double back to follow the path to trail post 6 in front of the visitor center

Photo by Shelly Lewis

In November 1966, the State of California joined with the City of Alameda and the East Bay Regional Park District in an agreement that would turn the park, plus two miles of Alameda’s beachfront, over to the East Bay Regional Park District for management and development. In 1974, Alameda Memorial State Beach was renamed Crown Memorial State Beach after the late Robert W. Crown, a local resident and California State Assemblyman who supported the creation of this shoreline park. Today, the Park District has over 55 miles of shoreline in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. Crown Beach is the largest swimming beach along San Francisco Bay.

Dedication of the Old Wharf Classroom, 1968. Rotary Club member, John A. MacDonald, EBRPD director, A. Hubbard Moffitt, Jr. and EBRPD Chief of Interpretive Department, Christian Nelson. Courtesy of Oakland Tribune Staff

In 1968, the Old Wharf Classroom was created with support from the Alameda Rotary Club and enables naturalists to educate thousands of school children about the ecology of San Francisco Bay. Hundreds of thousands of families and school children have learned the value of the San Francisco Bay through their experiences at Crab Cove. The Crab Cove Visitor Center was completed and opened its doors to the public on July 4, 1980. The Visitor Center features exhibits and aquariums highlighting the San Francisco Bay. In 1982, Crab Cove became a Marine Protected Area. This is a protected area for wildlife, so please remember to take only photographs and leave only footprints! Fin fishing by hook-and-line is permitted with a CA fishing license.

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