Open Restrooms

Park Name Restroom Location
Alameda County Trails Isherwood Staging Area
Beard Staging Area

At entry
Anthony Chabot Day Use Staging Area (for hikers walking along Marciel Road)
Antioch/Oakley Regional Shoreline One Stall Open
Big Break Regional Park One Stall of Parking Lot Restroom Open
Big Break Trail Open West of Marsh Creek Trail in Oakley
Black Diamond Upper lot w/ 2 doors & 2 separate non-flush toilets

Bear Creek Staging Area

Old Briones Road Trail

Alhmabra Valley Creek Staging Area

At entry 

Old Briones Road Trail Staging Area

At entry

Lafayette Ridge Staging Area

At entry

Buckeye Ranch Access Point

At entry
Brushy Peak At Staging Area
Carquinez Strait

Eckley Pier

Picnic Area

Nedjedly Staging Area

At entry

Bull Valley

At entry

Port Costa/Brickyard Staging Area

At entry
Contra Loma Located at the Boatramp
Coyote Hills Two stalls at the Quarry Parking Lot
Crockett Hills

Crockett Hills Staging Area

At entry
Crown Beach Park Street
Willow Street
End of McKay
Cull Canyon By the Footbridge picnic site
Del Valle Arroyo Staging Area (2 chemical toilets)
Diablo Foothills/Castlerock Orchard Parking Area And Recreation Area next to the baseball field
Don Castro Near the boat ramp next to Siesta Picnic site and along the Ridgetop trail
Dry Creek Pioneer Chem toilet at Dry Creek Staging
Dublin Hills At Staging Area
Garin Ukrania Loop trail - CXT

Picnic Area

Mens' and Womens' flush restrooms
Hayward Shoreline Grant
Eden Landing
Huckleberry Huckleberry Main Staging Area on Skyline Boulevard
Kennedy Grove Next to the lawn area in Kennedy Grove
Lake Chabot Overflow lot
East shore trail at Willow
East shore trail at Raccoon Point
West shore trail at the marina/ADA dock
West shore trail at alder point
The main lot at the kiosk third parking tier
2 at Coot landing
Alder point
2 at the dam
Bass cove
2 at Mallard picnic area
Indian cove
Bullfrog landing
Catfish landing
Honker bay
Las Trampas 2 at Bollinger Staging Area
Martin Luther King Jr. North Doolittle
Facing Boating Center/Northside
Arrowhead Big lot
Oyster Bay vault
Miller Knox Keller Beach
Ferry Point
Mission Peak 3 Chem toilets Stanford Staging
2 Chem toilets Pine Street entrance
Morgan Territory 1 Romtech @ Staging Area
3 Pit Toilets: 1@ Backpack Camp2@ Volvon
Pleasanton Ridge Foothill Staging Area
Castleridge Staging Area
Point Pinole Atlas staging
Giant Staging
Dotson Marsh
Pier Restroom
Quarry Lakes Roeding picnic site (chemical)
Rock Picnic Site
North/South Encinada - pavillions
Radke Martinez Regional Shoreline

Main Lawn

Lawn area

Granger's Wharf

At wharf
Reinhardt Redwood Park Canyon Meadows Picnic Area
Trudeau Staging Area on Skyline Boulevard
Skyline Gate Staging Area on Skyline Boulevard
Roberts located behind the Redwood Bowl picnic site
Round Valley Staging Area
Shadow Cliffs Building 5 restroom near boat launch
Boat Launch Parking Area
Sibley Preserve Sibley Main Staging Area on Skyline Boulevard
Old Tunnel Road Staging Area
Sunol One open
Temescal North Parking Lot
Tilden Park Vollmer Peak Trailhead
Quarry Staging Area
Inspiration Point Staging Area
Camp Oaks Parking Lot (next to Botanic Garden)
Merry-Go-Round Parking lot
Lone Oak Parking lot (next to Meadows Picnic Area)
Vargas Plateau At Staging Area
Waterbird Regional Preserve At entry
Wildcat Canyon Alvarado Staging Area at the end of Park Avenue