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COVID-19 Updates & Closure Information

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Some Park Closures & Parking Restrictions to Limit Overcrowding, Address Public & Staff Safety

The COVID-19 health emergency remains a serious and evolving situation. The East Bay Regional Park District has announced some park area closures to limit overcrowding and public safety. This past weekend, the Park District saw more people in parks than on a busy holiday.

“We are all in this together,” said Park District General Manager Robert Doyle. “We want to help everyone during this crisis by keeping parks open, but safety of the public and our employees is our top priority.”

Park visitation and park use will be monitored closely, with additional closures possible. Currently, state and county health departments have told us they want East Bay Regional Parks to remain open and accessible for outdoor activity if possible. However, it may be necessary to close more park areas based on overcrowding or additional orders from State or local health agencies

We thank the public for their cooperation and understanding during the COVID-19 public health emergency. Keeping parks open for the public is challenging with limited staffing and the Park District is doing its best to balance the requirements of State and local health agencies’ “Shelter in Place” orders, and the community’s need for exercise and stress relief.

The list below of parks, developed park areas, parking lots, and entrance points will be closed beginning Friday, March 27, 2020, through Thursday, April 30, 2020.

All picnic areas, restrooms, water fountains, swim facilities/areas, playgrounds, campgrounds, group campsites, backcountry campsites, sports fields, kiosks, and reservable facilities are closed through Thursday, April 30, 2020


  • Black Diamond Mines – Upper Parking Lot Closed (Parking available at Sidney Flat)
  • Castle Rock Recreation Area Closed
  • Contra Loma Closed (Trails Open from Frederickson Lane)
  • Crown Beach – Otis Parking Lot Closed (Walk-In Access Only)
  • Del Valle Main Area/Entrance Closed From Mendenhall Road On (Arroyo staging area open, please turn around at Badger Cove area)
  • Diablo Foothills Closed (Limited Parking for Trail Access)
  • Garin/Dry Creek – Meyer's Garden Closed
  • Point Isabel – Main Parking Area Closed (Walk-In Access Only)
  • Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park – Redwood Road Gate Closed
         - Piedmont Stables (Boarders Allowed to Care for Horses)
  • Roberts Regional Recreation – Main Parking Area Closed (Walk-In Access Only)
  • Shadow Cliffs Closed (Walk-In Access Only)
  • Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve – Old Tunnel Road Staging Area/Entrance Closed (OK for walk-in access; All Other Access Points Open)
  • Sunol Regional Wilderness Closed
  • Tilden Botanic Garden – Garden Closed


Anthony Chabot Closures

  • Marciel Gate
  • Chabot Equestrian Center Parking Lot (Boarders Allowed for Care for Horses)
  • Skyline Stables (Boarders Allowed for Care for Horses)

 Ardenwood Closures

  • Ardenwood Closed

 Bay Point Shoreline Closures

  • Closed Due to Construction

 Big Break Closures

  • Big Break Visitor Center

 Black Diamond Closures

  • Mine Closed
  • Sidney Flats Visitor Center
  • Greathouse Visitor Center

 Briones Closures

  • Bear Creek Staging Area

 Regional Trails Closures

  • Lafayette-Moraga Old Moraga Ranch Trail (Closed due to Landslide)

 Coyote Hills Closures

  • Main Parking Lots
  • Coyote Hills Visitor Center

Crown Beach Closures

  • McKay Parking Lot (Walk-In Access Only)
  • Crab Cove Visitor Center

 Del Valle Closures

  • Del Valle Visitor Center

Garin/Dry Creek/Pioneer Closures    

  • Visitor Center
  • Apple Orchard

Lake Chabot Closures

  • Boat Ramp (No Boating/No Quagga Inspection)

 Lake Temescal Closures

  • South Parking Lot

 Leona Canyon Closures

  • Main Staging Area

 MLK Shoreline Closures

  • Tidewater Staging Area
  • Tidewater Outdoor Recreation Office
  • Tidewater Oakland Strokes Operations

 Quarry Lakes Closures

  • Boat Ramp (No Boating/No Quagga Inspection)

 Sunol Closures

  • Sunol Visitor Center

 Tidewater Closures (See MLK Shoreline)

  • All Areas Closed

 Tilden Closures

  • All Picnic Areas Along Lake Anza and Brook roads
  • Fern Picnic Area Parking
  • Indian Camp Parking Lot, Playground, and Picnic Area
  • Lone Oak Parking Area
  • Lakeview Parking Lot
  • Mineral Springs Parking Lot - No Trails
  • Lake Anza Road and Parking Area
  • Tilden Golf Course
  • Golf Course Gated Lot (Bottom Half)
  • Steam Trains/Golden Gate Live Steamers
  • Merry-Go-Round
  • Native Here Nursery
  • South Park Drive (Continued Newt Closure Past April 1)

 Tilden Botanic Garden Closures

  • Botanic Garden Visitor Center

 Tilden Nature Area Closures 

  • Tilden Nature Area Closed (Walk-In Access Only)
  • Tilden Little Farm
  • Environmental Education Center
  • Indian Camp Parking Lot

 Wildcat Canyon Closures

  • Walk-In Entrance Trail into the Alvarado Picnic Area

For your safety and ours during COVID-19…

  • Maintain a 6-foot distance from other people
  • No groups, gatherings, or meetups (only immediate households should be together)
  • No picnicking (Walking, hiking, and running, horseback riding, biking, fishing only)
  • Be aware of high-touch points (trail access gates, parking machines, etc. – use hand sanitizer or gloves)
  • Keep dogs on leash
  • Pack-in, pack-out trash, including dog poop bags (there is limited trash collection during COVID-19)
  • Bring water, hand sanitizers, and use restrooms at home before you come (bathrooms and water fountains are closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19)
  • Park properly and safely (parking restrictions will be enforced during COVID-19)


How do I social distance on narrow trails?
On narrow trails, visitors should work together to maintain proper social distancing by stepping aside, with 6 feet of space, to let each other pass. This includes runners and bikers as well.

How do I social distance at staging area and parking lots?
We understand parking lots and staging areas may get busy. However, visitors must take turns getting out of cars, if necessary, to maintain proper social distancing. This includes possibly waiting and stepping aside when entering trails and park areas through entry points.

What do I do if I have to go to the bathroom?
Visitors should use the bathroom at home before they visit a park. Bathrooms are closed to help stop the spread of the virus.

Should dogs be on leash?
Yes, in anabundance of caution and to help maintain social distancing among humans durring the COVID-19 public health emergency, the Park District is asking dogs to be on-leash in all park areas.