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Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline

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Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline is OPEN.

On-Going Soil Delivery and Grading Work.

The project is part of the Park District’s ongoing efforts to build up the topography of the park to meet the standards of the District’s Oyster Bay Land Use Plan Amendment adopted in 2013. The Opportunity Fill & Grading effort will prepare for installation of the first phase of the Disc Golf Course, which will consist of nine holes. A nesting bird survey was completed and no nests were found. Please observe signs about areas that might be closed to the public during this process.
Download: Opportunity Fill for Development of Disc Golf Course Poster Adobe Acrobat PDF


Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline is a former landfill, closed in the early 1970s, and acquired by the District in the 1980’s for future park development. Since that time the District has been importing fill soil to the site to ensure landfill requirements for adequate cap and surface drainage that minimizes infiltration. In recent years the goal has been to provide for/maintain access for existing passive recreation uses such as dog walking, hiking, and picnicking while converting the site into parkland for the future development of active recreation areas such as disc golf and bicycle skills and to provide parking within the park. To complete this transformation, the Park District is placing soil to promote future tree growth and grading the park to create landforms that provide for a variety of public use areas.

Oyster Bay Land Use Plan Amendment

The District’s Board of Directors approved the Land Use Plan Amendment (LUPA) and adopted the Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) for Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline on December 17, 2013. The LUPA will guide the future development of Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline including a new primary access and parking, formalization of the trail system, resource management, a bicycle skills area, a disc golf course, and a dedicated off-leash dog area. The MND analyzed the potentially significant environmental impacts that could result from implementation of the LUPA and adopted mitigation measures to ensure that environmental impacts remain at a less than significant level.

Currently, District staff is proceeding with design of the Davis Street Access, the bicycle skills area, and the disc golf course. For information, please contact the Planning Department at (510) 544-2340.

Download: August 2012, July Public Input Meeting Comments
Download: October 2013, Response to Meeting Comments
Download: December 2013, Final LUPA (3.7 MB, 73 pp.)
Download: December 2013, Final LUPA Map (302 KB, 1 pp.)
Download: December 2013, Final Mitigated Negative Declaration (11.9 MB, 148 pp.)
Download: October 2013, Public Notice: Oyster Bay Draft Initial Study and Public Meetings
Download: March 2014, Notice of Public Meeting - Bicycle Skills Area