Art Exhibit Celebrates Conservation Success Stories


Art Exhibit Celebrates Conservation Success Stories

An art exhibit celebrating the successes of conservation in the region, state and nationally opens May 2 through August 31, 2012 at the Environmental Education Center in Tilden Regional Park.  The show will feature works by 60 artists portraying plants and animals no longer listed as endangered species due to conservation efforts. The exhibit calls attention to the successful strategies of land managers, volunteers and rangers throughout the state and local parks.

Independent curator and amateur watercolorist Robbie Brandwynn of Oakland organized the exhibit, with an advisory committee of local artists and educators. Ms. Brandwynn was inspired in 2009 by the news that the brown pelican had been removed from the federal threatened and endangered species list. She spent a year researching lists of “de-listed” species at the local, state and federal levels and then began recruiting professional and amateur artists to depict the flora and fauna.

The exhibit will include both two-dimensional and three-dimensional works, including pastels, watercolors and oil paintings, as well as carved sculptures and mixed-media creations. Some of the featured species include the brown pelican, the tiger salamander, the salt marsh harvest mouse, and tule elk.

The exhibit sponsors include the East Bay Regional Park District and the Merritt College Environmental Management and Technology Department.

Celebration: Conservation Successes
Where: Environmental Education Center, Tilden Nature Area
North End of Central Park Drive, Tilden Regional Park, Berkeley 94708
Dates: May 2 through August 31, 2012
Hours: Tuesday through Sunday, and Memorial Day (May 28) 10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Cost: None
Reception: Sunday, May 20, 3 – 4:30 pm
Public Information: 1 888 EBPARKS or

Participating Artists

Aimee Baldwin, Kathy Barnhart, Mike Bogart, Robbie Brandwynne, A. Gaul Culley, Evans Morgan, Pamela Fox, Robin Freeman, Kenneth Goltz, Howdy Goudey, Barbara Haber, Sunny Hill, Hung Chyu Hsieh, Angela Hunkler, Ryan Idryo, Jennie Marie Jacobs, Jocelyn Jones, Suzanne Lacke,  Martina Ladova, Carol Leimbach, Meg Levine, Anne Lindsey, Bonnie Mager, Jain Martin, Denise Oyama Miller, Robin Mitchell, Dorcas Moulton, Dawline Oni-Eseleh, Nancy Overton, Anne Patterson, Jenny Robertson, Laurie Rothman, Lynn Seriguchi, Karen Sergi, Barbara Skelly, Rita Sklar, Tammy Stellanova,  Barbara Stikker, Linda Sutton, Marie-Therese Switkes, Andree Thompson, Lena Toney, Ruby Trauner, Gina Truex, Sherry Wacker, Anne Webster, Judith Wehlau, Kathleen Welter,James Wilson,Rosalie Winard, and Catherine Woolf.

Carolyn Jones
(510) 544-2217