Tick Season is Here! Pack a Trail-Ready Tick Kit When Visiting Regional Parks


California ticks pose a year-round hazard in California. To avoid being bitten, hikers can use insect repellent, tuck pants into boots, wear long sleeves, and shower after exploring parkland.

But what should you do if a tick has managed to get past all of these barriers and bore its mouth into your skin? Don’t panic and follow the steps below:
• Remove the tick with pointy tweezers by sliding the tweezers between your skin and the tick’s mouth and pulling straight up (you can also use your fingers – make sure to cover them with a tissue).
• Tape the tick to a Post-it or index card. Make a note of the time, date, and location you were in when you found the tick.
• Clean the bite area with antiseptic or soap and water.
• Monitor for symptoms for at least 30 days. Early symptoms may include a spreading rash accompanied by fever, aches, and/or fatigue.
• If you are experiencing any Lyme-like symptoms, call your physician.

Make a Trail-Ready Tick Kit
Prepare an easy to grab, easy to use tick kit with the following items:
• A pair of tweezers
• Alcohol swabs
• Index cards or Post-it notes
• A Sharpie pen
• Clear tape
• A plastic/Ziploc bag

Learn more on our Ticks and Lyme Disease page, or at Bay Area Lyme Foundation

Jen Vanya, Public Information Specialist