Support Your Parks! Become a Regional Parks Foundation member today


While the past year has been incredibly hard on us all, one message has shined brightly – Parks are Essential! With limited recreational options, the public relied on parks to provide opportunities for fresh air, exercise, and stress relief. During the pandemic, the Park District kept parks open as much
as possible and has seen record visitorship, placing huge demands and parks, park facilities, and park staff. Parks have not been collecting fees for much of this year to provide time to develop protocols for staff and visitor safety. However, the District will begin collecting fees again beginning January 4, 2021.

“When we needed Regional Parks most, they were there for us,” said Regional Parks Foundation Board President Jess Brown. “We have one of the most beautiful regional park systems in the United States literally at our doorsteps and must not take it for granted.”

One of the best ways to thank your Regional Parks is by becoming a member of the Regional Parks Foundation, which also comes with numerous perks and benefits. It’s also a great gift idea for friends and family.

Regional Parks Foundation membership supports great programs, including:

  • Award-winning nature programs (online and virtual during COVID-19)
  • Grants for natural habitat restoration
  • Expansion of trails for recreation and green transportation
  • Environmental education

Bring on the Perks! The benefits of being a member include, among others:

  • Free parking
  • Free swimming
  • Camping discounts
  • Annual dog pass (for up to 3 dogs)

Regional Parks need your help now more than ever! For more information regarding the value and benefits of being a Regional Parks Foundation member, visit

Dave Mason, Public Information Supervisor