Statement Regarding Illicit and Dangerous Fireworks Activity Occurring at Grizzly Peak



The Park District is aware of recent illicit and dangerous fireworks activity occurring at Grizzly Peak. We thank the community for sharing their concerns.

Although the property is not in the jurisdiction of the East Bay Regional Park District, we remain vigilant while patrolling the area. Moreover, we are reminding all personnel, police and fire, to pay extra attention while in and around Grizzly Peak Blvd.

The Police Chiefs of the City of Berkeley, UC Berkeley, City of Oakland, Town of Orinda and I have been in communication regarding this important matter. The Oakland Fire Department also contacted our Fire and Police Departments on this topic. A wildfire in this area can be catastrophic as we have seen in the past. Working together with the community’s help, any emergency response needed will be coordinated and swift. Please continue to call 911 if you see suspicious activities in your area.

EBRPD is diligent in fire prevention activities especially in the East Bay Hills. From grazing to clearing dangerous fuels and vegetation, our staff is involved every day in managing these dense forests. This year, we added a fire maintenance crew exclusively to work in the hills and other properties in need of urgent maintenance. We have closed parks on occasion due to climatic conditions and will continue to monitor future weather events closely.

Our Fire Department crews have been responding to multiple fires on Park District properties out East relative to the CSU Fire. However, our firefighters are on heightened alert throughout Alameda and Contra Costa Counties due to continued poor weather conditions. We also work via a process known as “assist by hire” by which Cal Fire pays to have our firefighters working in a 24 hour capacity at our station in Tilden Park. We are currently in this assist by hire status. Finally, we continue to patrol by air which brings a much-needed observation platform and capacity to drop water quickly on fires.

Dave Mason, Public Information Supervisor