City of Oakland Sewer Spill Potentially Impacting Lake Temescal


The Park District has been notified of another City of Oakland sewer spill on Tuesday, June 10, potentially affecting Lake Temescal. The lake was recently reopened last Thursday (5 days ago) after previous City of Oakland sewer spills forced it to close. The lake will be closed until further notice to all fishing and water contact. Swimming is not currently allowed due to COVID-19. Temescal Regional Recreation Area continues to be open for all other activities.

The Park District has begun testing for water quality and will reopen once tests show it is safe. Signage has been placed informing visitors of the temporary restrictions. The public's safety is our top priority.

It is unacceptable that the City of Oakland sewer spills continue to impact recreational opportunities at Lake Temescal. The City of Oakland needs to prioritize and fix their sewer system. Sewer spills are a public health and safety issue.

Ongoing sewer spills are also causing additional algae growth, which together impact the health of the lake. The San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board is evaluating the situation. It may become necessary for the Park District to take legal action to protect the beloved lake for the community.

Questions and comments about the ongoing City of Oakland sewer spills should be directed to the City of Oakland as the sewer system operator/manager.

Dave Mason, Public Information Supervisor