East Bay Regional Park District Launches Healthy Parks Healthy People Campaign


The East Bay Regional Park District is proud to announce the Healthy Parks Healthy People initiative, a major ongoing effort to get more people into parks, for individual, community and environmental health. The campaign began in Parks Victoria, Australia, and has since been adopted by nearly three dozen nations worldwide. The initiative responds to the health issues associated with increasingly sedentary lifestyles - such as childhood obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression and alienation.

As the largest network of urban regional parks in the nation the Park District is leading the way in bringing this initiative to the United States. The Park District will encourage the 2.5 million residents of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties to use the parks for physical and mental well-being. Programs encourage stewardship as well as individual health. Taking care of the parks ensures their use by future generations, as well as improving the environment for wildlife.

The East Bay Regional Park District encourages the public to get engaged in Healthy Parks Healthy People through volunteerism, recreation opportunities, and special events. Hikes, beginning bicycle riding workshops, habitat restoration projects and nature programs are some of the offerings. The award-winning Trails Challenge and Kids Challenge are key programs to get families active outdoors. We also invite residents of the East Bay to find us on Facebook via the web site below, and share what they are doing to get fit outdoors.

The initiative will be officially launched on May 12 at the upcoming Bay Area Open Space Council conference in San Francisco.

Public information:

Isa Polt-Jones
(510) 544-2217