Fremont Photographer Creates Virtual Park Tours


Explore the East Bay Regional Parks - virtually - with a new series of 360-degree panoramic views of over a dozen parks. Visit a park online before you plan an outing; share park views with friends and family; or just enjoy the scenery.

The new panoramic "virtual tours" were created by Park District volunteer Don Jedlovec of Fremont. A professional freelance sports and nature photographer, he is especially known for his high-speed photographs of hummingbirds. Don has published three articles in Nature Photographer magazine. His work has appeared at the San Francisco and Oakland Zoos, the Bay Area Discovery Museum, in the Mercury News, San Francisco Chronicle, New York Times, Newsweek, and in many other publications and venues. You may view his work and contact him at

The panoramic images are created by capturing a series of overlapping images, with the camera pivoting about a central point. The resulting images are stitched together digitally, resulting in a lifelike view, as if the observer were viewing the scene from the central point. By clicking and dragging on the scene, the viewer at home may look around in all directions. Typically, Don creates four or more different panoramic tours for each park in the project.

Don has conducted photography workshops for the Park District on a volunteer basis for the past seven years, primarily at Coyote Hills Regional Park, also in Fremont. Watch for listings in the Regional in Nature Activity Guide.

Web site visitors may look for the panorama icon on individual park web pages.


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