Park District Offers New After-Hours Commuter Bicycle Permit Pilot Program on Select Regional Trails By EBRPD News


The East Bay Regional Park District is testing an after-hours permit program for bicyclists who wish to commute on the Regional Trails after normal open hours. The program is designed for cyclists who follow a regular route to or from their destination.

“This pilot program is a way to provide access to the trails to people who commute in the evening hours and get an idea of how much demand there is for this type of program,” said East Bay Regional Park District Board President Dennis Waespi. “The Regional Trails are an important part of the Bay Area’s green transportation network and help keep cars and congestion off the roads.”

The pilot program is limited to specific sections of four of the paved Regional Trails: Alameda Creek Trail (Mission Blvd. – Ardenwood Blvd.), Delta de Anza Trail (Bay Point – Brentwood), Iron Horse Regional Trail (Concord – Pleasanton), and Temescal – Landvale Station Trail (Oakland).

Applicants who commute on the four selected trails may apply for a one-year permit by contacting the Park District’s Public Safety Division. A $10 fee covers processing costs.

“Keeping people, parks, and trails safe is our number one priority,” said East Bay Regional Park District Police Captain Lance Brede. “The After-Hours Commuter Bicycle Permit Pilot Program is way for the district to provided additional off-hours access while maintaining the maximum safety possible for trail users and neighboring communities.”

Specific safety precautions are required to obtain a permit including installing a forward facing white bicycle light (attached to bicycle) and a rear flashing red light. Helmet also must not have any cracks or dents.

To ensure safety precautions are followed, applicants must make an appointment with the East Bay Regional Parks District Public Safety Records Division or send a photograph of the bicycle showing it has all the required safety equipment.
Applicant must also provide their most preferred routes for after-hours use in case of missing person report).

Permit holders are allowed on the following trails up to two hours after the usual nighttime curfew of 10 pm, and up to 1 hour before the usual morning opening hour of 5:00 am.

Interested cyclists may obtain a permit by contacting the East Bay Regional Park District’s Public Safety Records Office at (510) 690-6508 or

Dave Mason, Public Information Supervisor
(510) 544-2217