Community Resources for Science Awards


Community Resources for Science, a Bay Area non-profit that helps teachers give students more opportunities to “do science”—to ask questions, test ideas, and get their hands on real science activities—has awarded International Community School (ICS) in Oakland the Science Super Star Challenge. On June 1, 2017 the whole school was recognized for having more than 80% of their classroom teachers complete the Science Super Star Challenge, and as a result, Community Resources for Science and the East Bay Regional Park District’s Mobile Fish Exhibit set up for a full day of science fun.

The Science Super Star Challenge is a carefully crafted set of best practices designed to encourage and celebrate teachers who exemplify excellence in elementary science teaching. Teachers complete the Science Super Star Challenge by leading their students in hands-on investigations, reading and writing about science topics, exploring science via field trips or in class presentations, and participating in teacher professional development.

The East Bay Regional Park District’s Mobile Fish Exhibit is a 26-foot-long aquarium on wheels that offers an up-close, memorable experience with fish from our local lakes and streams, along with programming that helps show students the effects of our trash and waste disposal methods on our environment and food chain. The State Standard–focused lessons for grades K-2 use dress-up and other activities to explore the basic biology of fishes, their life-cycles, and basic adaptations to life in water. Lessons for grades 3-6 use interactive models and games to show students how keeping their environment clean and healthy helps them stay that way too. The Mobile Fish Exhibit is sponsored in part by a grant from the Regional Parks Foundation.

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Isa Polt-Jones