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The East Bay Regional Park District is pleased to introduce a newly published third-grade curriculum about local tribal peoples past to present. The curriculum addresses multiple common core standards and aligns with third grade social science standards. Its supplemental resources include a list of related fourth and fifth grade social science standards.?
"We think this curriculum will be a highly valuable resource to the teachers in our community,” noted Interpretive Services Manager Nancy Kaiser.

Entitled Ohlone Curriculum with Bay Miwok Content and Delta Yokuts References, this project’s amply illustrated lessons include quotes and photos from more than 30 Ohlones, Ohlone/Bay Miwoks, and Ohlone/Delta Yokuts of all ages and tribal backgrounds.

This curriculum is, in large part, the result of author and District Cultural Services Coordinator Dr. Beverly R. Ortiz; her 20 years conducting interactive educational programs for school children about local tribal peoples, as well as her extensive collaborations with and research about local tribal people of diverse heritage. The curriculum also benefited greatly from the input, review, and comments of more than 20 educators and Ohlones, including the leaders of eight Ohlone tribes and tribal organizations. ??

“The curriculum includes the voices of many Ohlone with whom I’ve worked over the years, as well as other contributors,” explained Dr. Ortiz. The project originated with a grant from the Vinapa Foundation for Cross-Cultural Studies.

"As a local historian I've done research for years to try to find accurate information of this kind for our area, and I wish this had been around 20 years ago," noted Board Member Beverly Lane. "This is an original piece of research which deserves to be examined by any teacher in the East Bay before they teach about local native peoples."

The curriculum is available at no charge to elementary schools in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, the East Bay Regional Park District’s service area. The new curriculum may be downloaded online at:

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