EBRPD Legislative Committee Supports Dublin Open Space; Says No on Measure T


On Friday, October 24, 2014, the Legislative Committee of the East Bay Regional Park District’s Board of Directors officially took action to oppose a developer sponsored ballot initiative, Measure T, which would open the door to development of Doolan Canyon. The Legislative Committee’s recommendation will be forwarded to the full Board of Directors for action on November 4, 2014. The Committee affirmed its support for the City Council-approved urban limit line that Measure T would overturn. The Council’s zoning will prevent additional development in the city’s habitat-rich Doolan Canyon.

Measure T is an attempt to adjust the existing urban limit to allow for more construction of residential and commercial development in the Doolan Canyon area on the Eastern side of Dublin, off of Highway 580. The Park District’s interest is in seeing Doolan Canyon preserved as open space as set forth in the Park District’s Master Plan adopted by the Board of Directors and updated most recently last year. It is the District’s desire to connect existing trails at Tassajara Creek to expand into the Doolan Canyon area for public recreation and access to open space. Doolan Canyon also provides necessary habitat corridors for wildlife, including some endangered species such as Alameda whipsnake and red-legged frog.

Erich Pfuehler
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