EBRPD and NPS Joint Legacy Celebrated at Unveiling of Historic Map


The East Bay Regional Park District and the National Park Service celebrated their joint legacy at a special event at the Environmental Education Center, Tilden Nature Area, Friday, August 26, 2016.

The centerpiece of the event was the newly unveiled restored Depression-era topographical map that helped launch the East Bay Regional Park District. The relief map of the East Bay hills was created in 1934 by Ansel Hall of the National Park Service and Civilian Conservation Corps workers.

As part of the evening's festivities, the agencies commemorated two significant anniversaries: the National Park Service's Centennial and Tilden Regional Park's 80th.

The public was invited to see the historic map, discover the shared legacy between the park agencies, and celebrate the new exhibit explaining how the Park District came to be the largest and most unique urban park system in the country.

Speakers and special guests included:
NPS Superintendent (East Bay) Tom Leatherman
EBRPD General Manager Robert E. Doyle
EBRPD Board of Directors member Whitney Dotson
EBRPD Board Vice President Beverly Lane
Dr. Gray Brechin, UC Berkeley
EBRPD Interpretive and Recreation Services Manager Dave Zuckermann
Roger Hall, son of Ansel Hall (first Chief Naturalist and Chief Forester with the National Park Service, and Relief Model Creator)
Ashley Hall, grandson of Ansel Hall
Johanna Hall, granddaughter of Ansel Hall

Generous support for the special event was provided by the Regional Parks Foundation.


The relief map in the background and explanatory panels in the foreground, with EBRPD and NPS staff, Board members and guests.

NPS Tom Leatherman, Dave Zuckermann (EBRPD), Whitney Dotson (EBRPD Board)

EBRPD General Manager Robert E. Doyle

Photos: EBRPD

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