Regional Parks Police Awarded Medals for Lifesaving Actions


On July 15, 2012 Officer William Deleon-Granados was on patrol of Tilden Regional Park when he came upon a male bicyclist lying on the ground by South Park Road. The man was in a dangerous place, near a blind curve. Granados quickly determined that this was a medical emergency.

When he was unable to locate a pulse on the bicyclist, Granados called for emergency medical service to his location, and then performed CPR (compressions and mouth-to-mouth) on the victim, with the aid of a passerby, for about seven minutes.

By the time Berkeley Fire Department medical personnel arrived on scene, the man had regained a pulse and was awake. He was flown to Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley, where it was determined that he had cardiac arrest, which is nearly always fatal. The resident of Kensington is now returning to good health.

Captain Mark Ruppenthal, on September 4, 2012, was on his way to work when he heard on his scanner an “OFFICER DOWN” call for assistance.

He responded immediately and arrived on-scene within a few minutes, just behind Walnut Creek Police Department. Upon his arrival, he could see that a CHP officer (Youngstrom) had been shot and was lying on the roadway next to a green Jeep. He immediately ran to where Youngstrom was lying, and saw that he had been shot in the neck and was bleeding profusely.

Captain Ruppenthal quickly and calmly began attempts to save Youngstrom's life. While using his department issued compression-trauma kit, he also coordinated on-scene resources until medical personnel arrived. After medical personnel took over the life saving measures, Captain Ruppenthal quickly transitioned from rendering aid to securing the scene and directing incoming resources.

Captain Ruppenthal's leadership, quick thinking, and rescue efforts in a rapidly evolving critical incident were instrumental in stabilizing the situation.

The actions of Captain Ruppenthal and Officer Deleon-Granados are commendable and favorably represent the Police Department and the East Bay Regional Park District.

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