Park Strike Averted


The Park District today announced that it has reached a tentative agreement with its AFSCME employee labor union on a four-year contract providing a total of 9.5% salary increase and 100% District paid family medical coverage and annual medical cost increases totaling 11%.  Employees will be paying an additional 4% of wages toward their employee PERS pension costs which will bring the District in compliance with the State Pension Reform Act.

The deal was brokered after 9:00pm Monday evening with the assistance of a State Mediator after an all-day negotiation session.  Management and AFSCME have been in talks since February and had met for 12 weeks prior to seeking assistance by State Mediators in May. 

“We have a tentative agreement on a fair contract that provides meaningful wage increases to our employees and employee contributions to retirement costs,” said Robert Doyle, General Manager.  “We’ve averted a strike on Fourth of July and can assure the public that the regional parks, campgrounds and its water facilities will be open and fully staffed.  The public can fully enjoy their holiday in the parks this week,” he said.

Management extended a one percent pay increase in salary to 9.5% during the Monday discussions, more than doubling its original salary offer since February.  The Union plans to present this tentative agreement to its members for a final vote.   The new contract will be retroactive to April 1, 2013.

Carol Johnson
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