Fire Officials Urge Caution, Beef up Staffing for 4th of July


With the ongoing drought and extremely dry conditions in the East Bay, East Bay Regional Park District fire officials are urging the public to be extra cautious when visiting our Regional Parks this 4th of July weekend. A fire last week at Contra Loma Regional Park burned more than 500 acres of vegetation and threatened dozens of nearby homes.

Please keep in mind:

1 The possession and discharge of fireworks, including sparklers and other so-called “safe and sane” fireworks is illegal in all Regional Parks.

2 The EBRPD Fire Department will be staffing additional engines throughout Regional Parks and will be extra vigilant while patrolling the area.

3 Fires that start from fireworks are a significant threat to personal safety, our community and the Park District, especially with our current drought conditions.

4 Fireworks can easily ignite vegetation and quickly start a wildfire or spread to structures, neighborhoods and cities.

5 Legal, organized 4th of July fireworks displays and other celebrations are planned throughout the Bay Area. Check out what is happening near you, and have a safe holiday!

For more information contact:

Paul Cutino
Assistant Fire Chief
(510) 690-6607


Dan McCormick
Fire Chief
(510) 690-6601


Carolyn Jones
Public Information Supervisor
(510) 544-2217

Carolyn Jones
(510) 544-2217