Working for the Future


Over sixty volunteers joined forces on Saturday July 12th to dig, rake, cut, level, prune, and improve trails at Garin/Dry Creek Regional Park in Hayward; as well as to celebrate a day of multicultural diversity with each other.

This 4th Annual Multicultural Trail Maintenance Day was sponsored by the Park District through its Ivan Dickinson Volunteer Trail Maintenance Program, with the help of volunteer organizations and the participation of members of the Korean, Chinese, and Latino communities from all over the Bay Area.  “I like to do activities that benefit and give back to society,” said Carmen Lopez, a mother who participated along with her three children. “I like to go back to my favorite parks and think that I contributed my grain of sand to make them better. I like to give my children a good example to follow, something that benefits them, for their own future,” she said.

The volunteers used pick axes, cutters, and other tools to dig small trenches along trails at Garin Regional Park to help prevent water erosion by diverting the flow of water that would run over the trails during the rainy season.

The Multicultural Volunteer Trail Work Day was supported by groups such as VOCAL, Volunteers for Outdoor California and the North California Korean American Alpine Club. Many participants learned about this volunteer opportunity through the Park District’s web site, Chinese and Latin radio, or through word of mouth; some participants have been helping to protect and maintain the regional parks for as long as twenty years.

The work day culminated with a BBQ lunch with sushi rolls and kim chi and a presentation of traditional Korean dances by the Korean Saturday School in Cupertino. The Korean American Alpine Club donated several gifts towards the raffle.

Next year’s Multicultural Trail Maintenance Day will be in the Fall.

The Ivan Dickson Trail Maintenance Program is named after Berkeley Hiking Club member Ivan Dickson. Since 1996, the Ivan Dickson Volunteer Trail Maintenance Program has managed 121 trail projects with 6,036 volunteers contributing 25,431 hours of volunteer labor.

The East Bay Regional Park District is a system of beautiful public parks and trails in Alameda and Contra Costa counties east of San Francisco Bay, established in 1934. The system comprises 114,000+ acres in 65 parks including over 1,200 miles of trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding and nature learning.

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