Park District Continues Fire Season Into January


Despite the calendar, nature says we’re in fire season now. So East Bay Regional Park District asks everyone to please help keep our parks and visitors safe by observing the fire restrictions.

If the sign or other public notice says the fire danger is "very high" or “extreme” take extra precautions.

1. Obey park or trail closure signs and any other restrictions (such as no campfires, barbecues, or smoking).

2. Be alert and report any small fires immediately by calling 9-1-1. Be prepared to provide information on the fire’s exact location.

3. Use extra caution with charcoal and gas barbecues. Be sure to use your barbecue in a clear area, away from dry grass or brush. Make sure coals are cold before disposing of them.

“Because of the current dry weather conditions, the forecast that they will continue at least for the next week, and recent fire activity, we have returned to fire season operations for dispatching, engine staffing and fire prevention,” said EBRPD Fire Chief Ken Blonski.

“This will continue until we receive a sufficient amount of rain and the weather outlook indicates more on the way. At that point, we can return to normal winter mode fire operations,” said Blonski.

Of the 6,000+ wildfires that CAL FIRE responds to every year, more than 90% are caused by people.
More information about fire danger in the parks can be found on our Fire Warning page.

Carolyn Jones
(510) 544-2217