Crab Cove Visitor Center Designated a Bay Area Green Business


The East Bay Regional Park District’s Crab Cove Visitor Center has been designated a certified Bay Area Green Business. The visitor center recently underwent a review and certification process offered through Alameda County’s Environmental Health Department. As part of the process, the county sent auditors to evaluate the facility in four categories: waste prevention, water conservation, pollution prevention and energy conservation. Among the practices in place at Crab Cove are the use of drought-resistant plants, thorough recycling, use of LED lights in exhibits, and water-saving restrooms.

"The District has long been interested in sustainable practices," noted Carol Severin, president of the Park District’s Board of Directors. "This is really a milestone to have recognition at a visitor center, where we hope many people will be inspired to follow suit."

Park District board member and Alameda resident Doug Sidenadded, “This is another example of the District’s commitment to a healthy environment. We’re fortunate in Alameda to have this unique facility in our community.”

Other Park District visitor centers are making improvements as well. Notably, the Exhibit Design department - also based at Crown Memorial State Beach - is steps away from certification and the Environmental Education Center at Tilden Nature Area is on its way as well.  "Crab Cove is the first District visitor center to become green certified, but we won’t be the last," says Naturalist Michael Charnofsky, who was instrumental in the effort to “green” the District’s interpretive facilities. Previously the two District equipment shops were certified as green businesses as well.

As an agency, the Park District strives for sustainable practices where possible. For more information about the Park District’s green initiatives, visit our website at

Isa Polt-Jones
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