Park District to Close Gap in Delta de Anza Trail in Antioch, Oakley


Relocation of a gate within Contra Costa Water District property in Antioch, and a trail segment to be constructed by KB Homes will close a one-mile gap in the Delta de Anza Regional Trail, completing about 20 miles of the proposed 25-mile long trail.

The Delta de Anza Trail extends from the Iron Horse Trail in Concord to the Marsh Creek Trail in Oakley. The trail roughly follows the route of the 1776 Juan Bautista de Anza expedition along the Delta and Suisun Bay Shoreline.

The Park District will use $30,000 of Measure AA funds to contribute to the cost of relocating an electronic gate and providing an improved entrance for the trail at Ridgeline Drive. The trail segment extending from Ridgeline Drive in Antioch to Neroly Road in Oakley will be constructed by KB Homes pursuant to a condition of approval for a nearby residential subdivision. Additional District funds are budgeted to review and inspect the capital project.

As a Condition of Approval for a nearby residential subdivision, KB Homes was required by the City of Antioch to construct the trail from Hillcrest Avenue in Antioch, through the water district’s property to Neroly Road on the Oakley border. The segment from Hillcrest Avenue to Ridgeline Drive was completed and accepted by the District in 2011.

The project was delayed by several major public works projects that impacted the trail corridor, including the Highway 4 Bypass project and a Western Area Power Authority transmission line project. Those projects are now complete and KB Homes is preparing to finish the trail project. The park district was asked to share in the cost of relocating the gate and providing and providing an improved entrance for the trail at Ridgeline Drive.

More information: Delta de Anza Regional Trail

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