Additional Rules and Guidelines for Athletic Special Events

These are supplemental guidelines for booking an athletic event. For Complete Information for Special Event Planning can be found in the application or on the web at BookingSpecialEvents.

Athletic special events include Cross Country Meets, Marathons, Equestrian Events, Walk-A-Thons, Mountain Bike and Bicycle Events, and other athletic events with a competitive nature.

As the Coordinator of an athletic event you are responsible for holding a special event and must meet the following additional minimum requirements:

1. Waiver of Liability and Medical Release: You must collect a waiver of liability and medical release for each participant. You are required to keep waivers on file for a minimum of three years and provide the original copy to the District if requested. For more information in waivers visit BookingSpecialEvents

2. Safety: It is your responsibility to be aware of and enforce proper safety regulations for your participants, i.e. bicyclist must wear helmets. You should use good judgment on placement of first aid stations, water stations, monitoring stations and safety regulations. You may be asked to have EMT's and an ambulance present at your own cost depending on the nature of the event. Your safety plan will be reviewed by District staff.

3. Stations: You are responsible for location and set up of first aid stations, water stations, and monitoring stations. It is helpful if aid stations are numbered for easy location by emergency services. They must be located at reasonable intervals for the race and placement must be approved by the Park Supervisor. Vehicle access is not allowed in most parks, so plan the location and set up of your stations accordingly. To see where vehicles are allowed with a permit go to EBRPD_Vehicle_Access_Site_List (PDF)

4. Participant Identification: You should develop a system of numbering participants and have a way of knowing when all participants have finished the event. You must have emergency contact numbers for both the park dispatch and the participant, should a participant go missing. It is encouraged that participants carry photo ID and/or emergency contact information on them during the event.

5. Communication: You are responsible for providing reliable communication, i.e. walkie-talkies, between all monitoring stations, start and finish lines, and first aid.

6. Public Posting Information: You must provide the Park Supervisor with informational signs to be posted for the public to be informed of the upcoming special event, days, and times.

7. Trail Marking: You must have proper temporary trail markers displayed prior to the event by and they must be removed at the conclusion of the event.