Parks to People: Bringing Our Parks Into Homes, Classes, & Communities

Parks are a fundamental part of our communities. We are committed to the idea of lifelong learning, helping people make their own discoveries about our parks. Parks to People strives to bring the parks into our neighborhoods and to community members through digital and in person programming.

Parks to People: Mobile Visitor Center

As part of the community, East Bay Regional Parks strives to connect our neighborhoods and residents to the open space the surrounds. This visitor center on wheels brings our parks directly into the community and showcase them through crafts, programs, outdoor and virtual reality exhibits. To learn more about the Parks to People: Mobile Visitor Center, or to inquire about booking it for your community event, please email:

Parks to People » Digital Learning

These resources are designed to be used at home, in a classroom, or part of any online learning. Park District staff are committed to ensuring all people have access to our parks, and all see themselves in our shared community. If you have parks, topics, or stories that you would like to learn more about please email:

Parks to People » Virtual Parks

East Bay Regional Park District has developed a variety of virtual experiences to expand your access and connections with the Regional Parks. From immersive virtual reality tours of the parks to app-based programs that will augment your hikes, these virtual experiences are designed to enhance your East Bay Regional Parks