2018 Multicultural Wellness Walks

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Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline, Richmond, March 10, 2018

Participants learned about the history of the Santa Fe Railway and Ferry Point as wells as about the bay and shorebirds from Naturalist Sara Fetterly. Fitness Trainer Vince Hall led participants through a series of exercises to strengthen the back and core muscles. After the walk, participants engaged in icebreaker games and shared a healthy lunch of kimbap and pozole. Map / Brochure [PDF]

Lake Chabot Regional Park, Castro Valley, May 19, 2018

Board member Dennis Waespi presented a short history of this 315-acre park. Participants were keen to do some warmup exercises at the Fitness Zone which comprises six interactive exercise machines set in a rain garden landscaped with native plants. They then participated in the 2-hour walk around the lake. Map / Brochure [PDF]

Del Valle Regional Park, Livermore, June 2, 2018

This 4,300-acre parkland, all the way in Livermore, is new to 99.5% of the participants. The five-mile long lake is a show stopper! Park Naturalist Constance Taylor led a walk beside the lake and elaborated on the wildlife in this park as well as the many types of recreation available – swimming, windsurfing and boating, hiking, camping, biking and horseback riding. Fitness Trainer Vince Hall led the participants through a series of exercises to strengthen their back and core muscles. Map / Brochure [PDF]

Tilden Regional Park, Berkeley, August 18, 2018

Members from all over the Bay Area gathered for the Ivan Dickson Trail Maintenance Day. Participants hiked for 20 minutes and spent 2.5 hours pruning plants along the Arroyo trail and assisting with erosion control. The group worked together with park staff to provide the much-needed assistance to repair and maintain the trails. Map / Brochure [PDF]

Redwood Regional Park, Oakland, August 25, 2018

It was a hot day and the participants were relieved to hike the Stream Trail in this shady 1,830 acre park. This park has successfully preserved the second/third growth of redwood forests in the East Bay. Staff talked about the history of the logging industry, the regrowth of the redwoods and the cultivation of fruit orchards. The participants learnt about the redwoods and the many varieties of evergreens, chaparral, and grasslands. After the walk, they enjoyed a healthy lunch and an hour of Zumba dancing in this beautiful park. Map / Brochure [PDF]

Radke Martinez Regional Shoreline, Martinez, September 22, 2018

Once the site of a wharf, a ferry service, a grain warehouse and a fishing village, this 343-acre shoreline park is now a thriving marshland. Along the walk, the park naturalist shared about the history and natural resources of the park - the many species of plants & animals. Liz Nichols, Laughter yoga teacher, led warmup and laughter exercises, as well as deep breathing for stress reduction and group interaction. Map / Brochure [PDF]

Redwood Regional Park, Oakland, September 29, 2018

Participants were pleased to return to hike the Stream Trail. It’s always very special to be among the redwoods – especially on a hot day. They walked at a faster pace as they are now more familiar with the trail and are eager to explore other trails. Map / Brochure [PDF]

Big Break Regional Shoreline, Antioch, October 27, 2018

It started with a cool delta breeze and very soon warmed up to 85 degrees. Participants enjoyed the videos of animals which were very active at night and in the early morning hours in this park. They enjoyed learning about the wonders of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta from the park naturalist, and the importance of these two rivers which sustain agriculture production in the Bay Area. Big Break is home to 70 species of birds, and mammals such as beavers, muskrats, and river otters. Fitness Trainer Vince Hall and Laughter Yoga Teacher Liz Nichols engaged the group in exercises to increase flexibility and muscle strengthening as well as laughter exercises to reduce stress and create camaraderie. A healthy lunch of Mexican chicken pozole, rice and beans was served. Map / Brochure [PDF]