Take Care of Your Parks!

Throughout California’s history, park and resource bond measures have provided millions of dollars for various parks and trails in the East Bay Regional Park District.  To continue this legacy of conservation for future generations, please consider the information below.

The Issue

Over a decade has gone by without a ‘true’ park and resources bond to support the existing infrastructure and to expand parks in underserved communities.  California’s last park bond, Proposition 40, was in 2002.  

The 2002 effort was successful in large part because, among other funding opportunities, it included a “Per Capita” distribution of funding to every park agency in the state.  From Fresno to Fairfield and from Bakersfield to Burbank, every local and regional park agency received a per capita share of the bond funding.  

Since 2002, sustained financial support has been limited by budget deficits at both the local and state levels.  The need for healthy outdoor experiences, however, continues to grow.  In fact, as demonstrated by the latest round of competitive grants, demand for local parks has exceeded available funding by a factor of eight to one.   

Current Status

A legislative initiative, The Safe Neighborhood Parks, Rivers, and Coastal Protection Bond Act (Park Bond), otherwise referred to as SB 1086, was a dedicated effort to fund local, regional and state parks.  

This proposed funding mechanism was intended to help maintain, enhance and protect our state’s parks, beaches, watersheds and open spaces.  Regrettably this initiative stalled as water financing took center stage this year.

There remains, however, tremendous momentum and enthusiasm for park funding.  It is more important than ever to ensure this issue continues to remain salient.

Future Steps

The next Park Bond should seek to address the important local unmet need, as identified by the oversubscribed competitive grant program.  Robust “Per Capita” and competitive grant program funding for local communities – which are best poised to improve parks for underserved communities – will be critical to address a range of priority needs in California’s communities.  

Opportunity to Share Your Thoughts

To help continue the legacy of California’s local, regional and state parks, share your thoughts about  robust “Per Capita” and competitive grant funding opportunities in the next Park Bond by filling out the form below.  Note:  After you complete Step 4, please confirm your email address so your message is sent.