Message from the General Manager: November - December 2019

Robert E. Doyle

Pinnacle Year for Park District and Regional Parks Foundation

2019 has been a milestone year! The Park District turned 85, and the Regional Parks Foundation turned 50. We enjoyed celebrating with you at the special Concerts in the Parks series and on Free Park Fridays.

We value your support as we adapt to changing needs such as wildfire protection, climate resiliency, green transportation, habitat restoration, and park safety, to name a few.

Some notable 2019 achievements include:

Concord Naval Weapons Station Land Transfer
After 20+ years of community advocacy, 2,216 acres of U.S. Navy property at the Concord Naval Weapons Station have been transferred to the Park District for a future Regional Park. The future park, along with a planned visitor center, will integrate the human and military history of the site with the natural history and recreational opportunities of the land.

Bay Trail Extension
The Park District will soon complete construction on a one-mile extension of the Bay Trail near Albany Beach – removing one of the largest gaps in the Bay Trail and creating 18 miles of continuous Bay Trail from Richmond to Oakland.

Educational Coal Mining Exhibit
The Park District is installing a new coal mine exhibit at Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve that offers visitors an immersive educational experience complete with the sights and sounds of an 1870s era coal mine. (Grand Opening, Spring 2020)

Bay Observation Pier
A 600-foot long bay observation pier was recently completed in the Park District’s future Judge John Sutter Regional Shoreline park, located at the eastern touchdown of the Bay Bridge. The observation pier, built atop six pilings from the old Bay Bridge, will provide spectacular Bay views and connect visitors to the site’s transportation history. (Grand Opening, Spring 2020)

We wish you an enjoyable and safe holiday season.

See you in the great outdoors.