Message from the General Manager: May - June 2020

Robert E. Doyle

Do your part to keep parks open and safe during COVID-19

During COVID-19, the East Bay Regional Park District has been called on to keep parks open for outdoor recreation – an essential activity expressly permitted by local health orders and encouraged by our local health departments.

The Park District has answered the call and kept parks open as much as possible. I would like to thank Park District staff for their commitment to their work and dedication to public service.

Over the past month and a half, huge demands have been placed on our parks. Through proper planning and management, we have been able to limit unhealthy congestion in parks and keep them open and safe. To maintain safety, some parks and parking areas have been closed to avoid overcrowding.

Managing visitation to ensure public health and safety and that of our employees has been our top priority. We are asking visitors to do their part by maintaining six-feet distance, bringing and wearing masks when necessary, and keeping dogs on-leash at all times.

While enjoying the parks, please do your part by taking personal responsibility for your own and others’ safety by complying with the requirements of the County Health Departments. You can help keep parks open and safe by following the health order and respecting our staff. We’re all working together to use nature as a respite for continued health and wellness.

We thank the public for their cooperation and understanding during these stressful times as we work to balance the public’s need for parks, public health, and the health and safety of our employees.

Be safe in your Regional Parks.

Robert E. Doyle
General Manager