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Message from the General Manager: March - April 2019

Robert E. Doyle

Regional Parks Foundation an Integral Park District Partner

For over 85 years the Park District has been providing good governance and service to the community. Partnerships are critical to that effort, and no other organization has been more essential than the Regional Parks Foundation. Since 1969 the Regional Parks Foundation has been assisting the East Bay Regional Park District by supporting programs that connect people with nature (particularly children), promote safe recreation, preserve land, and restore natural habitat.

Today the Regional Parks Foundation is 11,000 members strong and raises over $2 million annually. 2019 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Regional Parks Foundation.

Connecting People with Nature
Signature programs supported by the Foundation over the years include Junior Rangers, Leaders in Training, Camperships (sponsorships for summer day camps and week-long science camp programs at Camp Arroyo), fishing derbies, swim lessons, and Parks Express (free bus program providing youth, seniors, veterans, and the disabled access to parks).

Safe Park Access and Recreation
The Foundation helps keep parks safe by providing free loaner life jackets and rescue boards at swim facilities, as well as free bike helmets and bells distributed by the Volunteer Trail Safety Patrol. The Foundation provides materials, supplies, hand tools, and food for the hundreds of volunteers each year who donate their time to restore and maintain safe recreational trails for the public. The Foundation has also funded the acquisition of major public safety equipment, including a mobile incident command center, large animal rescue equipment, and horses and trailer equipment for the police department’s Mounted Horse Patrol.

Restoration of Natural Habitat
The Foundation works to promote healthy ecosystems for native flora and fauna through environmental stewardship and wildlife studies. Programs include Amphibian Ambassadors, Burrowing Owl Buddies, Habitat Helpers, and It’s Your Tern, each of which works to improve habitat for shoreline birds. The Foundation has also funded studies of Mountain Lions and birds of prey for habitat evaluation, and the 2009 restoration of the Serpentine Prairie in Redwood Regional Park.

Land Preservation
In 2014 the Foundation facilitated the donation of 296 acres from the Patterson Family to expand Coyote Hills Regional Park in Fremont. Facilitating land donations has been a historical function of the Foundation since its inception in 1969.

Congratulations to the Regional Parks Foundation! The support of the Regional Parks Foundation has been integral to the success of the East Bay Regional Park District over the years. It is only right that this incredible organization will celebrate its 50th Anniversary with a formal gala, to be held on October 10.

Enjoy Spring in your Regional Parks.