Message from the General Manager: January - February 2019

Robert E. Doyle

Reclaiming the Shoreline for Public Use

Years ago the Bay Shoreline was pristine with abundant wildlife and beauty. Then came industrialization and the mobilization of resources around World War II when much of the shoreline was converted to industrial and commercial use in support of those efforts. Now, the East Bay Regional Park District manages 55 miles of shoreline and is working to restore even more shoreline to public use and natural habitat while adapting to climate impacts.

Since its inception in 1934, the East Bay Regional Park District has been working to preserve land for future generations. First in the East Bay hills with parks like Tilden, Redwood, and Wildcat – and now on the shoreline to reclaim it for public use. In the past few years the Park District has made an especially strong push to reclaim the shoreline with many acquisitions, public access improvements, and habitat restoration projects to once again create serene environments suitable for public use and wildlife.

Completed/Current Projects Include:

A lot has been accomplished, but more needs to be done. The East Bay Regional Park District is committed to continuing our work. Restoring the shoreline for public use is an important part of our mission, just as creating parks in the East Bay hills was the calling of those who came before us.

See you in your Regional Parks!