Letter from the General Manager: September - October 2018

Robert E. Doyle

Wildfire Prevention More Important Than Ever
A Message from General Manager Robert E. Doyle
September - October 2018

We are at the peak of Fire Season, a time of year when we need to be vigilant and make sure we are as prepared as possible.

This year, as with every year, the East Bay Regional Park District is committed to keeping Regional Parks safe, which includes working to reduce fire fuels in the East Bay Hills. Thinning and removing hazardous vegetation is critical to preventing small fires from becoming large disasters and giving firefighters a fighting chance.

Each year the Park District thins and removes hazardous vegetation on over 1,000 acres to reduce fire risks – much of that thanks to residents in western Alameda and Contra Costa counties who voted in 2004 to support regional park services with additional local funding. The Park District also recently received additional fire hazard reduction funding from FEMA.

The Park District has been busy over the past year gearing up for fire season with various prevention and preparation efforts. Six Fire Hazard Reduction Crews have been hard at work in East Bay Hills removing brush and thinning trees at 40 target sites.

Goats have also been hard at work reducing fire hazards. This year, the Park District has had three herds of goats moving from site to site to reduce fire hazards.

The North Bay fires were a tragic reminder of just how damaging fires can be to life, property, and the environment. We must all continue to focus on preventing fires, both through reducing fire fuels and preventing ignition.

See you in your Regional Parks!