Letter from the General Manager: November - December 2018

Robert E. Doyle

Protecting the East Bay’s Last Remaining Redwoods

A Message from General Manager Robert E. Doyle
November - December 2018

In the East Bay Hills, just over the ridgeline, lies one of the great treasures of the East Bay – towering, majestic coast redwoods. The East Bay Regional Park District is working to protect these magnificent trees – some of the last remaining in the East Bay – and pay homage to their past through conservation and education.

Not only beautiful, these redwoods are also an important part of the Bay Area’s history. From the early 1800s to mid-1800s a group of especially tall redwood trees known as the “Navigation Trees” served as landmarks that helped ships avoid underwater hazards and guided them safely through the San Francisco Bay. The Navigation Trees are no longer alive today, but leave an everlasting legacy in the Bay Area that must be preserved.

Development of Redwood Conservation Management Plan:
The Park District’s environmental stewardship division is developing a conservation plan to monitor and protect redwoods in the East Bay to ensure they are available for future generations to enjoy.

Old Growth Redwood Heritage Conservation and Education:
The Park District is working on a collaborative project with Save the Redwoods League to preserve and interpret an old-growth redwood site at Roberts Regional Recreation Area for public learning and future interpretive programs. Nearly all old-growth redwoods in the East Bay were cut down by 1860 to construct homes and buildings.

Climate Change and Phenology in the Redwoods Interpretive Programs:
Redwoods are especially sensitive to changes in the environment. The Park District has partnered with Save the Redwoods League to provide special interpretive and educational programs about how today’s changing climate is affecting East Bay redwoods. Participants take measurements and record environmental changes to help document the effects of today’s changing climate.

We are all blessed to have the opportunity to visit these beautiful and majestic trees right here in the East Bay – just minutes away from where we live. The Park District is working hard to preserve and protect these last remaining redwoods in the East Bay. Learn more about how Measure FF will assist our conservation efforts at EBParks.org/MeasureFF.

See you in your Regional Parks!