Letter from the General Manager: May - June 2017

Getting the Parks Ready for Summer 
A Message from General Manager Robert E. Doyle
May – Jun 2017

Robert E. Doyle

The Regional Parks staff are busily preparing for the busiest time of year – summer! While we expect sunny days and mild weather, the significant damage done by unusually robust winter storms has been extensive. Our staff are working hard to repair trails, clear debris and ensure the safety of our park users. In the heavy storms, parks and trails suffered damage totaling in the tens of millions of dollars – for which we will seek funding support from FEMA.

The repairs for storm impacts may take months or in some cases even years to complete. Meanwhile, our staff are also addressing ongoing maintenance needs such as monitoring water quality, fuels management, and repaving roads and trails.

When you plan your summer outing, we want to remind you to “know before you go”. Look for the “closures” link on each page for up-to-date status on parks and trails. Some park areas or trails may be inaccessible while we make repairs. Thanks for your patience as we make the regional parks safe for visitors.