Park Stories Photo Contest - 2013

Park Stories Photo Contest Tn

In 2013, the Park District held a year-round Park Stories Photo Contest in collaboration with the East Bay Express. We asked park visitors to submit their photos and captions on a variety of outdoor themes. Winners were featured in the East Bay Express and in EBRPD publications. Thank you to all who participated. We appreciated your thoughtful entries. Congratulations to the winners featured below.

Contest Winners

Davor Desancic - Coyote Hills

Congratulations to winner Davor Desancic!
Theme “My Other Backyard”
“From Willows Trail to Bayview Trail, from South Marsh to North Marsh, on a rainy day or a sunny day, or in summer when its hot and dry. When Autumn comes and dries the marsh and turns it yellow. When winter comes and all the trees are bare and covered with early morning frost. When spring arrives and paints all the hills green with grass and flowers - this is Coyote Hills and I am lucky enough to have this place as my other back yard. I have visited it from all different directions and I get to see the park change throughout out the year.”

Congratulations to winner Melissa Avery!
Theme "Healthy Living"
“My family and I love our urban hiking in East Bay Regional Parks, especially when we are near the shoreline. The refreshing breeze, fantastic Bay views and splashing at Keller Beach after our hike, made it very memorable. Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline is a great reminder that nature surrounds us even in our urban environment.”

Mary Prevetz - Winner

Congratulations to winner Mary Prevetz!
Theme "Play Outdoors"
"For over 20 years Mom, 92, and her 94-year-old neighbor get up and hit the East Bay trails, most days before sunrise. On the way to the Iron Horse Trail they meet up with old friends and make new ones, including many four-legged ones."


Congratulations to winner Jolynn Lacasse!
Theme: “Wonderful Watersheds"
"Another hot summer day at Contra Loma Reservoir. What better way to cool off than to do a little fishing? I liked the way the sunlight illuminated this shot as it began to lower down into the hills. This fisherman was equipped to catch many of the reservoir's large variety of fish."


Shavran Sundaram
Congratulations to winner Shavran Sundaram!
Theme: “Amazing Animals”
“I was looking for great horned owls at my favorite East Bay Regional Park, Coyote Hills, when this gray fox walked in out of nowhere and sat down, posing for some great close-ups. Seeing such a remarkable animal at such close quarters allowed me to greatly appreciate Nature’s beauty, and reminded me of the importance of conservation. Wild animals such as this gray fox must be kept wild, and their habitats must be protected.” 


Heather Smith

Congratulations to winner Heather Smith!
Theme: “My Outdoor Adventure”
“My sister and I love to visit the various East Bay Parks and take pictures of everything. On this particular trip, we decided to have a little fun. My sister started jumping around and going crazy, and I started snapping the pictures. We got quite a few cool looking ‘floating’ shots, but this was one of our favorites.”



Congratulation to winner Angela Smith!
Theme: "Animal Companions Love the Parks"
"Meg loves going for walks in the hills. She has such a curiosity about her world, sniffing everything from leaves blowing across her path to cows communing alongside ephemeral streams that skirt dusty trails. She stands as fearless among the cows and ground squirrels as she does among spring's wildflowers." 

Tanja Traber - Park Stories Mothers Day Winner

Congratulations to winner Tanja Traber! 
Theme: “Mother’s Day Memories”
“Kim's very first ice cream cone back when he still had both his parents all to himself. Taken at the Tilden Merry-go-Round 1959.”

Shaun Broda winner - Park Stories

Congratulations to winner Shaun Broda!
Theme, "Earth Day - Every Day!"
"I did the trail maintenance volunteer day at Morgan Territory Regional Preserve which was sponsored by REI. I had a wonderful time meeting the rangers and getting in some good work hours amongst all the other volunteers.  The event was followed by an awesome tri-tip lunch and a quick gear raffle.  My only regret is that I didn't spend more time in the park after the event, as it is a great area which I need to explore more."

winner melissa avery

Congratulations to winner Melissa Avery of Fremont,!
Theme: “What’s your favorite EBRPD trail?”
“Hiking at Pleasanton Ridge on Theralito Trail was wonderful. My toddlers enjoyed the vultures flying so near our heads. I won’t ever forget the quietness of the trail, my husband carrying my tutu wearing baby girl hiker in the rolling green hills, and the kids rolling in the dirt!” 


Most romantic EBRPD park

Congratulations to winner Sharon Rohwer!
Theme: “What’s the most romantic EBRPD park?”
“For hours we meandered through Briones, seemingly lost. He later told me he was merely gathering courage. We go back every year to the resting spot where he’d wanted to kiss me. I call it our field of mustaches. It tickles when he kisses me there now.”


Web Park Stories - 2

Congratulations to Marilyn Bell, our December 2012 winner! 
Theme: "How do you stay fit outdoors?"  
"This is a photo of my husband, Terry, and one of our two black labs. We have lost 110 lbs between us in 16 months. A one-hour hike at Don Castro is part our daily routine to keep healthy and fit."


Owl - Becky Jaffe

Congratulations to winner, Becky Jaffe of Oakland!
Theme: “What are you thankful for?”
“I’m thankful for this great horned owl, talk of the trail in Claremont Canyon. Hushed admirers congregate daily at the foot of her eucalyptus tree, attendants at a mute sermon. As poet Mary Oliver writes, ‘It’s not size but surge that tells us when we’re in touch with something real.’”