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Litter is a bigger problem than ever before. Scientists now know that man-made toxins in the environment enter our food chain when fish eat plastic.

The good news is that ANYONE can help by just picking up litter and putting it where it belongs! That’s what a Fish Friend Club is all about, and we’re starting ten more clubs this coming school year!

The Regional Parks Foundation and East Bay Regional Park District are offering the following FREE perks:

  • A school-wide assembly day at your school featuring the largest traveling aquarium in the Bay Area and it’s NGSS-aligned presentations. The Mobile Fish Exhibit, kicks off your Fish Friend Club by demonstrating the effects of litter pollution on food chains, and what we can do to help by being Fish Friends!
  • FREE supplies to start your school’s “Fish Friend Club,” including kid-friendly tools and equipment to help students organize regular schoolyard cleanups. The information gathered by the club will provide real-world information for science and math learning.
  • A FREE bus stipend for 40 to 50 students to attend a special Fish Friend Club field trip to one of the District’s parks. Fish Friends will explore the shoreline and collect litter with a Naturalist guide while learning about the animals and habitats they are helping protect.
  • A stipend for a follow-up project of your own design.
  • A stipend for party supplies to celebrate your students’ accomplishments at the end of the school year.
  • Two naturalist-guided teacher trainings, and year-round support from our growing network of Fish Friend schools!

Host the Mobile Fish Exhibit and start a Fish Friend Club!  Have a bigger impact on your students than you’ve ever imagined!

At the end of the school year, students from the ten participating schools in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties will be invited to a celebration picnic. 

Students will present what they learned in a poster session for parents, teachers, peers, and environmental professionals, and be formally thanked for their accomplishments.

Quotes from teachers about the Fish Friend program:

  • This Exhibit has jumpstarted our conversation about protecting our natural resources.
  • They have been picking up trash all week!
  • Our students need more opportunities to experience and understand the natural world.  Bringing it to them really helps!
  • My students immediately started picking up trash after the assembly and have continued it during recess times.
  • Before, my kids didn’t feel a need to pick up trash, but now they’re all about it!

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