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Litter is a bigger problem than ever before. Scientists now know that man-made toxins in the environment enter our food chain when fish eat plastic.

The good news is that ANYONE can help by just picking up litter and putting it where it belongs! That’s what a Fish Friend Club is all about, and we’re starting ten more clubs this coming school year!

The Regional Parks Foundation and East Bay Regional Park District are offering the following FREE perks:

  • Pre-Field Trip Materials: Activity bags and multimedia on watersheds. 
  • Field Trip: A live Zoom program with each class in your grade; led by our naturalists.

Quotes from teachers about the Fish Friend program:

  • This Exhibit has jumpstarted our conversation about protecting our natural resources.
  • They have been picking up trash all week!
  • Our students need more opportunities to experience and understand the natural world.  Bringing it to them really helps!
  • Before, my kids didn’t feel a need to pick up trash, but now they’re all about it!

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