Biking Field Trip Application

Applying for a Biking field trip does not guarantee availability.

Application must be received 60 days in advance of field trip request date.

Please review the PROGRAM FEE CHART to determine the cost of your Boating Field Trip before filling out the form.

Generic Form

Please only submit one application per school. Review all information and expectations on the KHOC page on the EBRPD website before applying. You’ll need to have available the information on the following pages before applying online.

1. Check this box to confirm that you are a third-grade teacher.2. I have not participated in KHOC three or more years in the past.

About Your School: (Please complete the following based on the most recent available school year. Enter a whole numeral in each slot):

3. Breakdown of student body by Race and Ethnicity
(Enter a whole numeral in each field, not the percent sign. Make sure your responses add up to 100)

Applicant(s) Information: (Third Grade Teachers information; identify your Lead Teacher in section 1)

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By submitting this application, you are confirming that you meet the eligibility requirements for the KHOC program and that you agree to meet the expectations for participation in KHOC. Any questions or comments should be sent to