The Park District is proud to be one of the most dog-friendly organizations in the nation. We need dog owners’ help to keep parks and trails environmentally safe for everyone.

Standard Leash Notice
Leash Required Areas (Developed Areas). No person shall bring into, or permit any dog, cat, or animal, to enter any Developed Area or be within 200 feet of any parking lot, trail head or staging area, as posted, unless such animal is securely leashed and under control of that person.


Frequently Asked Questions
Commonly asked questions and answers about park rules for dogs.

Point Isabel Regional Shoreline
Visit the most dog-friendly park in the District.

Safety Tips
Safety tips for you and your dog.

Trail Manners
Trail manners for you and your dog.

Ordinance 38
See specific parks or areas of parks where dogs are prohibited by regulation.

Dog Permit
Find out when you will need a permit and how to get it

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General Park Rules for Dogs

  1. Dogs must be leashed (six-foot maximum) and under control at any posted area, parking lot, picnic site, lawn or developed area and all areas where grazing animals are present.. 
    • Dogs, or other animals, must be securely leashed and under control in any area where grazing animals are present.
    • See "Where must my dog be on-leash?" on the Frequently Asked Questions page for a complete list of areas that your dog(s) must be leashed. 
    • See All areas where grazing animals are present.
    • See "Where are dogs not allowed" on the Frequently Asked Questions page for a complete list of areas where dogs are not permitted.
  2. No dogs or other animals are permitted at any swimming pool, beach, wetland or marsh, or designated nature study area.
  3. Owners must always carry a leash (six-foot maximum).
  4. Dogs may be off-leash in open space and undeveloped areas of parklands, provided they are under control at all times. 
    • See "When is a dog considered under control?" on the Frequently Asked Questions page for an explanation of when your dog(s) are considered to be "under control". 
    • Undeveloped areas are not posted and unpaved trails or open space areas that are separated from developed areas by a distance of at least 100 yards or by fences.
  5. Dangerous animals are not allowed in the parks.
  6. Dogs must not be allowed to interfere with, bother, or harass park users, other animals, or wildlife. If you are a party to a dog bite or dog attack incident, you must stop and offer assistance and exchange information with the other party/parties.
  7. You must remove your dog's waste from all park property and dispose of it in a garbage can or carry it out of the park. DO NOT LEAVE DOG WASTE IN PLASTIC BAGS ALONG THE TRAILS. This is considered littering. For your convenience, plastic bags are provided in many parks and along some trails, but as a precaution, please carry extras with you.
  8. Any person who walks or exercises a dog or dogs for a fee or who walks more than three (3) personal dogs must obtain and have in their possession a revocable annual permit; please call (510) 690-6508 for information.
       Download: List of trails approved for walking up to six dogs[PDF]
  9. Animals may not be left unattended at any parkland.  

Instructional Dog Classes

Safety in the Parks and on the Trails

  • Ordinance 38 (Section 801)
    See specific rules and regulations regarding dogs in the parks.
  • Dog Permit 
    Find out when you will need a permit and how to get it