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        • RPF: 50 Year Legacy  
        • Concord Hills Conveyance 
  • Economic Value and Impact
  • Climate Change Adaptation
        • Wildfire Management
  •     • Climate Smart
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  • Health and Wellness
        • PBS: Doctors Are Prescribing Nature 
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  • Measure FF: Area Wide Benefits
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  • About EBRPD & Regional Parks Foundation

    Public Lands Alliance: Outstanding Public Engagement of the Year Award
    for events and programs celebrating EBRPD’s 85th Anniversary and RPF’s
    50th Anniversary in 2019, 2m:00s

    The Future of EBRPD, Interview with GM Robert Doyle, 3m:32s

    Celebrating the 85th anniversary of the largest local park system in America, 8m:29s

    Regional Parks Foundation 50 Year Legacy, 7m:11s

    Regional Parks Foundation 50 Year Legacy, 2m:02s

    Concord Hills Regional Park Conveyance - July 13, 2019, 3m:39s

    Economic Value & Impact

    Did you know this about East Bay Parks?, 1m:17s

    More than Just a Pretty Place: EBRPD provides $500M Annual Regional Benefits, 6m:48s

    Climate Change Adaptation

    Wildfire Management

    Managing Vegetation: East Bay Regional Park District and PG&E, 1m:00s

    Wildfires, Climate Change a Park District Concern, 2m:10s

    Climate Smart

    Wildlife Protection, 0m:31s

    The Shoreline, 0m:31s

    Toxic Algae, 0m:31s

    Green Transportation, 0m:31s

    Environmental Education

    Gathering Tule Reeds, Building and Launching Tule Boats, 7m:53s

    Health and Wellness

    NBC Bay Area: Wellness & Access for All in Regional Parks, 6m:25s

    PBS News Hour: Why Doctors Are Increasingly Prescribing Nature, 9m:09s

    Park Rx and PASITO Study

    Park Rx – SHINE and Multicultural Wellness Walks, 1m:55s

    Kaiser Permanente - Sharing the Benefits of Great Outdoors, 1m:32s

    PASITO - Promoting Activity and Stress-reduction In The Outdoors, 6m:22s
    EBRPD, SFSU and Latina Center health study on impact of time in nature on chronic illnesses.

    Measure FF: Area Wide Benefits

    Area Wide Benefits, 0m:46s

    Benefits to Crab Cove Visitor Center and Aquarium, 0m:56s

    Benefits to Lake Chabot Regional Park, 0m:56s

    Benefits to McLaughlin Eastshore State Park, 0m:57s

    Benefits to Temescal Regional Recreation Area, 0m:58s

    Benefits to Tilden Regional Park, 0m:59s

    Benefits to Wildcat Canyon Regional Park, 0m:56s

    OpenRoad: Doug McConnell

    Regional Parks Foundation Legacy, 7m:11s

    Vasco Caves Regional Preserve, 7m:17s

    East Bay Water Trails, 3m:33s