Issues Tracking

Last updated 6/28/06

440609 Biology Review options for managing for diversity of species in understory and regrowth after treatment Kickoff Meeting 4/4/06
440610 Biology How will team measure impact on biodiversity? Kickoff Meeting 4/4/06
610614 Biology Resource management portions of the Plan should incorporate locally important species. Clearly identify management objectives. 6/1/06 Meeting
5180613 Botanical Grazing policy is not consistent with other agencies (e.g., EBMUD). Need to look at grazing as tool. 5/18/06 Meeting
610607 Botanical Identify effective management strategies to reduce spread of French broom. 6/1/06 Meeting
440613 Botanical Identify protocols for clearing of understory trees when removing overstory trees. Incorporate considerations for managing for grasslands. Kickoff Meeting 4/4/06
440614 Botanical How to control weed invasions after treatment. A big issue. Kickoff Meeting 4/4/06
440616 Botanical Consider the effects of dispersing chips from tree or brush removal. Kickoff Meeting 4/4/06
5160601 Botanical Control of invasive broom species should be a policy priority. Letter 5/16/06
5180630 Botanical Must address how to eliminate weeds in the fuel break that occur because of management practices. 5/18/06 Meeting
440608 Cost Discuss cost-benefit of fire hazard reduction and fuel reduction (e.g. how many people and homes are protected/ replacement costs). Kickoff Meeting 4/4/06
440615 Cost Recognize the high cost of hand labor and that there may need to be multiple treatments in the same year. Kickoff Meeting 4/4/06
440617 Cost Are there viable biomass disposal options? Look at economics of disposal. Kickoff Meeting 4/4/06
5180631 Cost Don't be restricted by lack of current resources. 5/18/06 Meeting
610604 Fire modeling Hazard modeling needs to incorporate new residential development (e.g. in Richmond and El Sobrante). 6/1/06 Meeting
610605 Fire modeling Hazard modeling needs to account for wind patterns along ridgelines (e.g. Richmond, El Sobrante, Lake Temescal) that are not captured by the two existing weather stations. 6/1/06 Meeting
440607 Fire modeling Discuss assumptions related to fire modeling: model strengths & weaknesses, 8 ft flame length, weather Kickoff Meeting 4/4/06
610612 Fire modeling Review fire hazard assessment modeling assumptions: flame length, sensitivity of wind speed, internal model conflicts, fuel models, suppression technologies and techniques, and accuracy at extremes. 6/1/06 Meeting
610602 Fire modeling/ Outreach Will high hazard areas outside the park be identified and information shared with neighbors? 6/1/06 Meeting
610609 Fuel Management Neighbors want to assist EBRPD. Review policy and liability concerns of use of volunteers for fuel reduction. 6/1/06 Meeting
440606 Fuel Management Review options for managing large plantations of pines and eucalyptus that have high spotting potential and can advance a fire 1/2 a mile or further if they ignite. Kickoff Meeting 4/4/06
440618 Fuel Management Specific appropriate roadside clearance strategies. Kickoff Meeting 4/4/06
530061 Fuel Management Desire by neighbors to be allowed to help with fuel management adjacent to their property. Phone 5/30/06
530062 Fuel Management All fuel reduction contractors should be required to have emergency contact numbers in case of an incident. Phone 5/30/06
610615 Fuel Management What will treatments look like from neighboring properties? Plan should be descriptive enough so neighbors can understand treatments adjacent to their homes. 6/1/06 Meeting
610625 Fuel Management Discuss resource management benefits of prescribed fire. 6/1/06 Meeting
5180616 Fuel Management Manage for vegetation types that can be sustained with low fuel characteristics. 5/18/06 Meeting
5180619 Fuel Management Urban side also has a responsibility for fuel management and fire safety. 5/18/06 Meeting
5180620 Fuel Management Management techniques beyond vegetation need to be included (e.g., use of roads and trails in vegetation management and firefighting). 5/18/06 Meeting
5180622 Fuel Management Investigate management options that promote the stages of vegetation succession to a more fire safe system. 5/18/06 Meeting
5180627 Fuel Management What is relatively safe vegetation from a fire viewpoint? Need to identify high-fire-risk areas. 5/18/06 Meeting
610618 Fuel Management Botanical What is the long term sustainability of the proposed fuel management actions? Are these actions compatibility with native plant restoration? 6/1/06 Meeting
440611 Geology Identify slope stability/land slide reduction protocols for incorporation in fuel reduction and vegetation management treatments. Kickoff Meeting 4/4/06
610613 Geology Address potential impact from landslides and mitigation measures. 6/1/06 Meeting
440612 Haz Mat Identify EBRPD herbicide use protocols Kickoff Meeting 4/4/06
610606 Outreach Plan to identify opportunities for collaboration with other cities and agencies. 6/1/06 Meeting
440601 Outreach Many "sensitive issues" have already been identified such as grazing and herbicide. Review materials available from Environmental Roundtable. Kickoff Meeting 4/4/06
440602 Outreach Information exchange needs to include external stakeholders/ public and internal EBRPD Staff and Board. Kickoff Meeting 4/4/06
440603 Outreach Comment tracking system should be devised that is visible to everyone throughout the process. Kickoff Meeting 4/4/06
440605 Outreach Project needs to develop a vocabulary with all stakeholders by providing education tools regarding the range of effective wildfire hazard reduction strategies. Kickoff Meeting 4/4/06
610619 Outreach Provide list of Technical advisors. 6/1/06
610620 Outreach Desire for more informal collaboration versus the formal meeting format. 6/1/06 Meeting
610622 Outreach Provide list of Consultant Team 6/1/06 Meeting
610623 Outreach Provide a way for information to be available for those without computer access. 6/1/06 Meeting
5180604 Outreach Who are the technical advisors? 5/18/06 Meeting
5180624 Outreach Send agenda and other materials with meeting notices. Make materials and background information available. 5/18/06 Meeting
610603 Plan Plan and CEQA document to incorporate FEMA polygons. 6/1/06 Meeting
61068 Plan How does EBRPD comply with Oakland Fire requirements? 6/1/06 Meeting
440604 Plan Project boundaries need to be refined. Kickoff Meeting 4/4/06
610610 Plan Plan should address enhancement of natural resources and habitat restoration. Resource portion of Plan should expand beyond mitigation of fire hazard reduction actions. 6/1/06 Meeting
610624 Plan Provide equal emphasis in plan of resource management and fire management. 6/1/06 Meeting
5180601 Plan Was the Request for Proposal (RFP) recommended by the Temescal Group a starting point for the project? 5/18/06 Meeting
5180602 Plan The Plan needs to define what "sustainability" means. 5/18/06 Meeting
5180606 Plan Evaluated the Plan in terms of EBRPD Mission Statement and District Master Plan (1997), as well as based on NEPA, CEQA, Measure CC and available budget requirements. 5/18/06 Meeting
5180607 Plan Why is the 1995 Vegetation Management Consortium Fire Hazard Mitigation and Fuel Management Plan for the East Bay Hills (VMC) plan out of date? 5/18/06 Meeting
5180608 Plan Will the environmental document cover all the future projects or will other documents be required? What level of federal review will be included? 5/18/06 Meeting
5180609 Plan Document will need to recognize the differences between the various neighboring agencies' missions. The Plan will need to relate sustainability to the EBRPD mission. 5/18/06 Meeting
5180610 Plan Document will cover a wide range of fuels and environmental management techniques to anticipate future actions. 5/18/06 Meeting
5180611 Plan Need to keep the "what's" and the "hows" separate. Should use past studies. Public comment should be focused on the "hows." It needs to be very specific. 5/18/06 Meeting
5180614 Plan The 1995 VMC Plan is hard to use. Need to write a more easily understandable report. 5/18/06 Meeting
5180615 Plan Park District needs to protect the communities to the west (the people and cultural resources), not just the natural resources. 5/18/06 Meeting
5180617 Plan Find the common ground between resource management and fire management. 5/18/06 Meeting
5180625 Plan What is the natural state that we want to manage toward? 5/18/06 Meeting
5180628 Plan Adaptive management is meant to find sustainable management actions working with the environment. Look at key issues such as how to control broom. 5/18/06 Meeting
5180629 Plan Manage to an acceptable level of risk. Incorporate continued monitoring to assess progress in achieving the goals. 5/18/06 Meeting
5180603 Resource Management The Plan needs to define what resources EBRPD is managing for when it uses the term "resource management." 5/18/06 Meeting
5180626 Resource Management There is a desire for more native habitat. EBRPD is charged with preserving native heritage. 5/18/06 Meeting
610601 Wildlife Explain the existing whipsnake monitoring and traps in parks. 6/1/06 Meeting
5180605 Wildlife Will a US Fish and Wildlife Service Biological Opinion be sought during this process? 5/18/06 Meeting
5180612 Wildlife Don't forget to inventory and assess invertebrates. 5/18/06 Meeting
Issues Outside of the Project Scope of Work
610611   Improve the evacuation bottleneck at Skyline and Keller. 6/1/06 Meeting
610616   Will the plan provide help for managing fuels on private lands? 6/1/06 Meeting
610617   Concern about fire truck access, overhead utilities and road widths in the Oakland area. 6/1/06 Meeting
610613b   Address potential impact from landslides on evacuation routes. 6/1/06 Meeting
5180618   What category of "Preserve" is Claremont Canyon in the EBRPD Master Plan? The categories need to be clear so that the definitions convey the management that is permitted in this area. 5/18/06 Meeting
5180621   Communication to community (outside of agency to agency) during fire incidents needs to be accurate and timely. Operation of radios and other methods need to be confirmed so information and communication connections are good. 5/18/06 Meeting
5180623   Provide specifics for management of plants around the homes. Encourage adjoining cities to consult on the process and bring in their fire safety compliance programs. 5/18/06 Meeting