Public Safety Volunteers

Volunteer Trail Safety Patrol

The Volunteer Trail Safety Patrol serves the East Bay Regional Park District in California's San Francisco Bay Area. It comprises five patrol groups: the Volunteer Mounted Patrol, the Volunteer Bicycle Patrol, the Volunteer Hiking Patrol, the Companion Dog Patrol, and the Volunteer Marine Safety Unit. Members of those groups may also participate in the District's Search and Rescue (SAR) unit. For more information about these various volunteer groups, visit the Volunteer Trail Safety Patrol Web site. 

Other Public Safety Volunteer Opportunities

Other on-going volunteer programs assist District staff in the delivery of essential services, which include assisting the helicopter with rescues; promoting fire-safe practices; supplementing police in patrol activities and incident response. Certifications and/or training are required for some programs.

  • Helicopter/Flight Medic Program: Volunteers with "Advanced Life Support" certification, fly in the District's helicopter to bring rapid, direct and sometimes life-saving medical care to park visitors, primarily in remote sections of the Regional Parks.
  • Reserve Police Officer: Supplement police in patrol activities and incident response.

For information, call the Public Safety Volunteer Coordinator at (510) 690-6580.