Group Volunteer Project - Application

Thank you for contacting the East Bay Regional Parks on becoming a volunteer. The East Bay Regional Park District traces its beginnings to the actions of citizens who envisioned the necessity to create a public park system in order to preserve the quality of life for present and future inhabitants of the region. The District values the precious time you have chosen to give in public service on behalf of our regional parks. Volunteers are a cherished and valuable resource that link the District to community and organizations throughout the region; providing an important level of support for District activities, employees, and programs. The District welcomes the expansive and various contributions of volunteers.

Please submit an application form at least sixty days in advance of your proposed volunteer date.

We look forward to working with you in your Regional Parks

Group Volunteer Project - Application

Winter (Dec-Feb)
Spring (Mar-May)
Summer (Jun-Aug)
Fall (Sep-Nov)
2-3 hrs
4-5 hrs
6 or more hrs

General Garden Improvements
General Park Cleanup - Various maintenance projects
Habitat Restoration - Plant removal and replacemnt
Shoreline Cleanup - Debris pickup and removal
Trail Restoration - Trail construction and repair